Incredible Experience!

Today at Creekside’s family gathering for worship, I and my family experienced an incredible event.  You know the Sunday drill at your church.  It’s probably much like our “normal” Sundays.  There is an expected amount of songs, maybe a video or two, likely there are prayers, Bible readings, communion, and an occasional testimony–all followed by a sermon where the minister or pastor stands and delivers a twenty to thirty minute speech about God.  The day is then over and you race to the lunch table somewhere.

Today was different at Creekside.  All week long our family has had one tough thing to deal with after another.  You’ve read about some of those things in mine and Ellen’s blogs before this one.  When I got the church building today, my mind was racing about what I would say.  I didn’t want to “fake it” and just present a sermon that was cold and without the “realness” of a true word from God.

All week long I had tried to write something down to say to the church family, only to have my mind go blank.  I had struggled with what to say and so I made a decision.  I decided to be honest with the family and let them into our pain.  I talked about the grace of God and how He is he only hope, but that this week I really felt hopeless.

I am amazed at our church family.  I learned that we were not the only ones who had a rough week, but many had.  I listened as others shared about struggles.  Allowing them into our pain was something that ministered to them.  We learned a valuable thing today.  We can lean on one another.  We had many visitors and I was somewhat concerned about how they would feel.  One man told me that he learned that we were not just a church, but we were a family.

More than anything I learned how God can work through us for one another.  I went to the meeting today with an empty cup.  A cup that I tried all week to fill with doubt.  I was reassured in my faith walk today.  My cup, as well as my family’s, was filled with the strength of my church family.  Through the Holy Spirit, they gave us the measure of encouragement that we needed to get through this week.

I just wanted to share that with my blog family who also has given us so much encouragement this past week.  Thanks for letting us share with you.


11 responses to “Incredible Experience!

  • Matt Dabbs

    What a HUGE blessing. Some things can only happen through community. God bless

  • Brenda

    Thanks for a day of realness. Is that a word?
    I’m so glad that I’m part of a family that we can
    all be real with one another. Thank you for
    sharing and allowing us to go through this with
    your family. Praying for all of you. Love,Brenda

  • Greg England

    You and I both are fortunate to be with church families that will allow that vulnerability. I’m so glad you laid it out there and allowed God to minister to you through your church family as you ministered to them. Just doesn’t get better than that, does it?

  • Meowmix

    Thanks for sharing this story, and thanks for being real. I’m encouraged from reading about your Sunday and the love and support that flowed.

  • harleyrider

    I am so thankful to be a member of a “family” of God. There was a time in my life when all I could do was fall out of bed, put on some jeans and show up at church. I never doubted that I would be loved and encouraged. I am glad you and your family have been able to experience this blessing from God. The Holy Spirit was present in our worship yesterday.

  • Cecil Walker

    I’ll throw my church family into the mix that Greg mentioned. I think one of the greatest weapons Satan uses is to try and convince us that we are alone in our pain. Seems like he tried that approach with Jesus.

  • Charlie

    Keith, Love you and your family. Although I am not there much I still love all of you are care about you and your family.

  • Randy

    And that’s the difference between a sermon and a message.

  • Paw Paw

    Yesterday was and incredible experience at creekside .Being with the family was such and encouragement and a blessing.There were a lot of cups that were filled with the holy spirit.You could just fill the love that one had for another.When we have our ups and downs ,and hills to climb its so wonderful to have God with with us all the way.Danielle one of my grandaughters is such and encouragement to me.She is so strong in her faith,and trust in God.

  • ZZPuck

    What a wonderful blessing to be a part of a church family like Creekside! God’s peace and blessings to you all.

  • Laura

    It was truly a wonderful blessing to be at Creekside yesterday. Still praying for you and your family and especially Danielle. Take care!

    Love you all!

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