Baseball Underway In North Alabama

There are few places in this world that take my mind off of “life.”  Being on a date with Ellen, playing drums, spending time with friends are all great ones.  One special place for me is the baseball field.  When we are there, my mind is on nothing but that.  There are no bills to pay, there are no worries.  We just play ball and watch others do the same. 

Yesterday and today we were able to be on the diamond with a bunch of other guys taking BP (batting practice for all who don’t know that), hitting some infield, and just having a good time.  The weather was pretty good yesterday.  Today was blistering cold.  It was still a good time.  As they say, a bad day at the ball field is better than having your fingernails ripped off.  (That’s not how that actually goes, but it’s what came out.)

Everyone is proparing for Monday.  That is, Lord willing, the beginning of try-outs.  They are slated to begin at 3:45.  We are all a little nervous.  Brandon says he is not and I’m glad for that.  He needs confidence going in after getting cut last year.

So give us some “prayer props” and lift Brandon up this weekend. 


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