Baseball Tryouts/Prayer Request

The first night of tryouts is over.  It was a cold night for baseball.  The temperatures dropped to nearly freezing before it was over. 

The great news is that Brandon had an awesome first day.  He hit well in the cage with the coach of the varsity team throwing BP.  That was great.  His fielding was nearly flawless.  He made great throws from every position in the infield.  I just hope the coaches saw it that way.  They are the only opinion that matters as far as making the team is concerned.

If it sounds as if I am bragging on my boy–that’s true.  He is a great kid who deserves, based upon his ability, not my bragging, to play on this team. 

Thanks for all of your prayers for him.


On a more serious note, Danielle is doing OK right now with her seizures, but is struggling with her ability to test at school.  Although the school is not pressuring her about it, she is putting a lot of stress on herself.  She had a headache today that we believe was triggered by the stress.  Keep praying for her as I know you all will and that means so much to Ellen and me.


8 responses to “Baseball Tryouts/Prayer Request

  • ZZPuck

    Consider you and your family prayed for, bro. I look forward to seeing you at Pepperdine this year.


  • Laura

    Done! And it’s not just your bragging…Brandon is an awesome baseball player. If anyone deserves to be on the team it’s him. Let us know how it goes! Give Danielle a hug for me!

    Love to all,
    Laura 🙂

  • Bill

    May your whole family, especially Danielle, be able to feel the comforting power of God’s presence throughout your days.

    BTW, when fathers talk about the conquests of their sons it is not bragging. It is just stating the facts. That is all. Pure, plain and simple reporting of the facts.

    Blessings to you,

  • cwinwc

    Way to go Brandon. I know it was cold in N. Alabama because it was cold at practice here in “warm” Florida. We’ll continue praying for Danielle as well. Looking forward to the reunion at Greg’s and P-dine.

  • harleyrider

    Blessings on your family Keith. Brandon is such a gentle spirited young man. I know the Lord will bless him. He sure is getting tall. I commented on that the other day and he said it’s about time. Said he was tired of being the shortest one in class. Praying for Danielle as well.

  • Greg England

    Personally, I don’t think it’s bragging when we talk about our children. It’s just stating the facts as we see them! I always told my children the only opinions that count as far as they are concerned are God’s, mama’s and daddy’s!

  • Meowmix

    You and all of your family remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Paw Paw

    Brandon has grow up to be a fine young man.Sports seems to come to him natural.Its been wonderful seeing how much he has grow in the last year or two.If he keeps getting taller will soon have to be looking up at him.A good friend of mine told me he was sitting between two men who were bragging about there son killing his first deer.My friend has to daughters and he was at there recital and he happened to think he never would be able to say that. Keith you have it both ways you have a son and daughters who all make you proud what a wonderful blessing. Good luck Brandon in you baseball try outs. Love you all Paw Paw.

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