For the past few weeks in our weekly church bulletin I have been running a series of articles taken from the book Revolution by George Barna.  It is a tremendous little book.  It’s an easy read and a powerful one. 

Barna’s focus is on the future.  He is a statistician who uses trends culture to predict some interesting things about the future of “church.”  He presents challenges that we are probably all going to face if we are not already doing so. 

From time to time over the next few blogs, I want to share those articles with you.  Most everything said in them comes straight from his book.  I titled the articles “Christian Passions.”  Barna calls them the “Seven Passions of a Revolutionary.” 

I hope you enjoy the information and feel free, as I know some of you will, to critique his ideas and challenge them.  I hope this causes some good open dialogue.

Christian Passions: Intimate Worship

The first Christians had a passion for God that was unique. Thy spent everyday together focusing their lives toward God and His work. They spoke of Jesus in a way that made outsiders want to listen. “What made the early church compelling and life changing?” 

The first of those Christian passions is INTIMATE WORSHIP. In the first Christian church, every believer was expected to worship God every day, both in private and in the company of other believers. It was not necessarily done in a “worship service” setting. It only necessitated a commitment to feel the awe of God’s magnificence. God’s wonderful ways were to be worshiped. They acknowledged His control and power. Their worship was accompanied by following Him with dedication. They also saw God in worship as a person with relationship with them. What joy it is to serve a God who takes joy in us and our worship!


3 responses to “REVOLUTION

  • Greg England

    When we finally understand worship is a way of life, a walk before God, and not one of five approved acts of religious ritual, then we discover worship as the first Christian church.

  • cwinwc

    The left coast (Greg) guy beat me to it. “The 5 Acts of Worship” idea have caused more harm and have allowed us to compartmentalize our lives to the detriment of our witness to the un-churched and to each other. I need to get that book. I don’t know why but now I want to listen to the Beatles.

  • Bobby Valentine

    Great new look.

    Bobby Valentine
    Formerly of Milwaukee … now Tucson

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