Christian Passions: God Conversation

Just as Jesus pursues us in relationship and desires to be with us, we are called to share His love with those who have not yet understood it or embraced it.  It is natural to talk about and promote things that excite us.  Nothing should excite us more than the realization that God Himself loves us, wants an intimate relationship with us, and allows us to invite others into that sacred relationship with Him. 

Everything that the first disciples did led people into conversation about God.  Their preaching, talking with one another, the miracles, and prayer all gave them the opportunity to talk about God and this new-found relationship.  They talked about Him being the source of all the power that they possessed in the Holy Spirit and the joy that was inside them to the point that people were drawn to Jesus through them.

We need more and more to be talking God into our world.  The indictment for my own life is that if people are not curious about my walk with the Lord enough to ask about it and desire it, then am I really living it?  I think that’s a good question.


3 responses to “Christian Passions: God Conversation

  • Greg England

    For whatever my opinion is worth, I think in the past people in our culture had a frame of reference that would allow some curiosity about why we are the way we are. Today? I wonder if the frame of reference exists. We have moved so quickly into a post-Christian culture … we’re just different and people don’t care that we are, nor is there a curiosity about why we are different. You do your thing and I’ll do mine is the mentality (very simplified). So I don’t get bent out of shape with guilt any more about this. I just look for an opportunity to talk with others about the Lord.

  • Keith Davis

    Greg, I understand what you’re saying and agree. I believe that the God conversation needs to happen amongst Christians more. I think that is more of what Barna is getting at than “bringing up God” in conversation amongst not yet believers.

    I rarely have a deep meaningful conversation with anyone outside of Ellen and a handful of others within the body of believers. To me that’s where we miss the boat. I wonder if we really are together as much in “God-glorifying conversation” as we ought to be.

  • cwinwc

    I think both of you make good points. There is a level of ambivalence in society towards anything much less those who chose to live for Christ. On the other hand I’m reminded of a “Casting Crowns” song with the following lyric:

    “Here I go again, talking about the rain and mulling over things that won’t stand the test of time.”

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