My Valentine

valentine.jpgLast night Ellen and I shared a meal together at the Red Lobster.  I’m always cutting up with people and as we were leaving there were two young ladies working the front seating customers.  After a few silly jokes about going out in the cold, one of them said, “At least you have a Valentine, we have to stay here and work.”  

She was right!!  I do have a Valentine.  Ellen and I have celebrated every Valentine’s Day since 1984.  That’s 23 if your counting.  Every one of them have been special.  We’ve been through thick and thin together and my love for her has grown more and more each day.  I just wanted to spend today’s blog in honor of her.

She is always there for me.  For those who know me, you know that’s not always easy.  She is my mentor, confidant, and best friend.  She knows my deepest thoughts, concerns, loves, and failures.  She is a wonderful mom to our four children.  I thank God everyday for her and the love that we share.

Some years ago on one of our wedding anniversaries, I wrote a poem about our love.  Love is a strange thing.  If is it nurtured and cared for it just keeps on growing.  I just thought I loved her the day we married (and I did), but today that love is deeper and more meaningful.  I wanted to share that poem in honor of her today.

Years Ago

Years ago I thought I knew
What our love really meant.
My heart pounded with joy with
Every moment that we spent.

We talked, we smiled and
Time seemed to stand still.
A time I haven’t forgotten
And know I never will.

Our love that day was strong.
I wondered how it could grow.
But my wonder has been fulfilled
Since those years ago.

You see I love you love more now
Than I could have imagined then.
For I know your heart and beauty
Not only outward, but deep within.

So as we celebrate this time in our lives,
Let us thank our God above.
For bringing us together years ago.
And showing us about true love.


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