Crazy Week

I know it’s been a week and a day since my last blog.  I’m really slipping I know, but it’s been one busy week.  Some good some bad.  In no certain order here goes a recap.

We have been nursing Danielle for the last three days with a severe stomach virus.  That is really all the details you need on that.  Thanks be to God that she has not had any seizures to this point with it.  She has been doing much better with them in the past few weeks.

Brandon had a week that has shown much improvement in his hitting.  Night before last he went 2 for 4 with 4 RBI.  He reached base a third time on a hard it ball to the second baseman who just couldn’t handle it.  And the really good news is that he has not struck out in his last four games.  The hitting lessons last week payed off big time.

Tabitha was falsely accused of something by a teacher at college.  She was accused of plagiarism.  She has a conference with the teacher tomorrow so please pray for her.  This is a new thing for her having to go before a teacher to confront her with a mistake.  It is a huge growth step for her so pray that it goes well.

I have been getting a few borderline blood pressure readings lately too.  Please pray that I can have the will power to try and control this without medication by a better diet and exercise.  Tonight did not help.  It was brake pad changing time for my car.  What a pain!!  It is usually not that hard, but tonight was not one of those times. 

Last Sunday was a good day at Creekside.  Most Sundays are.  It is a truly wonderful group of Christians.  I thank God for bringing my family to Creekside.

Well, this is not comprehensive, but it will give you some idea of our crazy week.


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