Our Goals and Purposes

Tonight we gathered with our college age and young adults.  We had a meal together and then I asked them a question that was prompted by a book that Ellen and I are reading together.  The book is titled, Simple Church.  It discusses the concept that church should be simple and that people in any given congregation ought to be on the same page when it comes to purpose and intention of the church.  The authors make the argument that when people are pursuing the same goals and purposes, great things happen in the family of God.

So tonight I asked our group to write on an index card the purpose and focus of Creekside.  I was both pleased and excited that nearly everyone in the room  gave answers to the question.  They were in agreement and that was exciting. 

The authors of “Simple  Church” make the argument that the more simple a church family makes its goals and aspirations, the more likely that people will get on board and work toward those goals.

I want to challenge you to do this with your Bible class or even during the general assembly and listen to the answers they give.  The answers they give will allow you a great deal of wisdom an insight as to the directions that your church family is heading and where they should go. 

What about you?  What is the soul purpose of your church families?


3 responses to “Our Goals and Purposes

  • Steve

    Good thoughts, bro. I’ve found that the more tangible you can make the purpose/goals, the more likely people are to get on board.

    I went to a conference yesterday where Adrian Rogers (1st Baptist of Memphis, TN–he’s now deceased) did a training seminar for Pastors. He banged home the point pretty hard that simple is always prefered for any audience or church.

    He said if you are hurting and you go to the hospital, you don’t care what Greek word “hospital” is from, you just want help!


  • Greg England

    We can make it awfully complicated … and call it a church program or ministry!

    Enjoyed the phone visit the other night. Thanks for the call!

  • Bobby Valentine

    Simple Church is on my “to read” list. I hope to get to it soon.

    Bobby Valentine

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