Passion Play and Prayer Request

I know I know it’s been a week since my last blog.  I’m really trying to do better, it’s just tough some weeks.  I really admire all of you who keep up day to day with it.  I also really appreciate all of you who continually check my blog and leave comments.  It is so encouraging.

Last night my family and I was able to attend for the first time ever the annual Passion Play put on by the the First Assembly of God in Florence.  WOW!!!  It is a first class production with music, lighting, and some of the best acting by amature people that I have ever seen.  All of that combined to tell once again the story of the resurrection that never ever gets old in a way that motivated all of us to see Jesus closer.  You really felt like you were there. 

I want you to pray for someone.  He is becoming more and more a part of our lives.  I call him my “boyfriend-in-law.”  His name is Gary.  Gary is dating my oldest daughter, Tabitha.  They have been together only a few months, but I think that she is really in love with him.  To tell you the truth, it scares me a bit.  This whole idea of any boy thinking that he is even close enough to be good enough for any of my three beautiful daughters is almost unbearable for me.  Oh well, it’s truly a part of life. But I digress.  Please pray for Gary who started talking to Tabitha about salvation last night after the play.  He is a very nice young man who is trying to find his way.  I pray that God will touch his life in a big way. 

God is awesome and worthy of our praise and adoration!!!


7 responses to “Passion Play and Prayer Request

  • Randy

    Glad to join in the chorus of praise and prayer.

  • cwinwc

    I’ll join my West Coast Brother in prayer for your daughter’s boyfriend. I know Barb and I always pray that our son will one day marry a believer.

    See you in 19 days at the Rev.’s or I mean, Chipper’s home.

  • Steve

    Our prayers are going up. I have an 18 year old daughter with a long time boyfriend so I know how you feel.

    See you soon in Malibu.


  • Greg England

    Will gladly pray for Gary. And Keith. And Ellen. And Tabitha. And if you need it, I have plenty of firearms to scare the boy!

  • Meowmix

    Keith, I’m finding it hard to read and comment on the blogs every day since I’ve retired. It’s not that the “blog church” is less important; it’s a very, very big part of my life, and every day in my prayers, I mention all of you. But now I’m not sitting at a desk 9 hours a day with my computer in front of my face continually. I have to MAKE time for it. I’ve had a lot of family issues going on, so I’m afraid I’ve been neglectful, too.

    I’m so happy to pray for Gary and for all of you….that God’s presence and guidance will be there for all. (BTW, try and ignore Greg! 🙂 )

    Would also like to put out a prayer request for my brother, Denzil. Without going into details, which are numerous and laborious, there are physical and mental health problems. He is in a hospital (against his will and due to my phone call to authorities). It’s been a mess.

  • Elaine Caudle

    Keith, going a week without blogging is forgiveable. Going a month and a half is not (that would be me). I also admire those who can do this daily. I find I don’t have the time especially the weeks I work at the hospital. Lately, all days have been filled to capacity.

    Will gladly pray for Gary, Tabitha, you and yours. I truly wish I had prayed more for my girls and their mates. I do pray earnestly for the grands (and their mates to be).

  • Keith Davis

    Judy, I just sent up a prayer for your brother. I pray that God will help you through this “mess.” Remember that He is in the “mess-fixin” business.

    Thanks Greg for the help, but I think I got my bluff in on him early.

    Thanks Greg, Judy, Randy, Steve, Cecil, and Elaine for your prayers.

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