What A Mess!!

Well, it’s 11.30pm in Alabama.  I am at my office.  I know what your thinking.  “What a dedicated guy!!”  Before you go to thinking too much, let me explain why I’m here. 

We have been having some plumbing problems at our building.  On Easter Sunday we had the largest crowd we’ve had in a long time when the toilets in our restrooms began to overflow.  Bad news!!  The same thing happened tonight at our midweek meeting.  We called the city utilities department who came out to “blow out” the lines.  Well, they blew them “in” instead of out.  As I am typing this, the cleaning guys are here.  We’ve got sewage water everywhere–under cabinets, under walls, in the hall ways, in the restrooms.  WHAT A MESS!! 

I’m trying to come up with a sermon illustration from all of this, but I’m having trouble.  So there’s an open door for you guys.  Be nice, but have some fun with this one.  It’s sure not fun being here right now.


6 responses to “What A Mess!!

  • Meowmix

    I see a sermon right away! Sounds like the “mess” we make of our lives sometimes and the “mess” we allow Satan to shove into our minds and hearts. And even our best efforts at cleaning it all up ourselves often backfires and only makes the mess worse. Only when we turn it over to the best fixer there is – our God – and give Him control of the mop, shovel and broom, does it actually get cleaned up!

  • Steve

    I guess my mind is totally in the gutter on your sewage situation. I keep thinking of a certain bumper sticker that used to be popular.

    My thought for illustration would be on confession or perhaps lying. If you confess your sins, you don’t get to that point where you life overflows with dissatisfaction and disappointment. Lying often “backs up” up us and overflows in our lives. A coaching friend of mine used to say, “Telling the truth puts the problem in the past, but telling a lie puts the problem in the future.”


  • Meowmix

    Oh, that’s a great quote, Steve! I’ll file that away in my thought processes and use it often. 🙂

  • cwinwc

    How about going historic and “pun-ny:”

    “Church, as you know we need all of you to donate money toward the cost of cleaning up our recent mess as well as revamping our plumbing. Now some of you might think that this endeavor has no merit. Let me remind you of 2 historical events that at first were believed to be ridiculous endeavors that turned out to have value.

    First, there was “Sewage’s (that would be Seward by the way) Folly.” This was the term given to Secretary of State William Henry Seward’s idea to buy Alaska from the Russians.

    Second, there was the building of the “Sewage (that would be Suez) Canal.”

    How was that?

  • Greg England

    The problem of using this as a sermon illustration is that you can’t use the “s” word in sermons! Although, Paul used their version of it when he said all things he’d accomplished in life were but dung compared to the surpassing glory of knowing Christ.

  • Meowmix

    We can always count on Greg, can’t we? 🙂

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