First Day In CA!!

Well, it’s my first day here and before an hour was up with Randy Wray, he’s already taken a shot at the lack of blogging I have done recently.  So I thought I had better get this one in this morning and shock them all!! The week is still young brother and there are still plenty of opportunities to get him back. 🙂 

The plane ride was relatively uneventful.  It was bumpier than last year.  The first thing the pilot told us was to expect a bumpy ride out until we got past the Mississippi River area.   I didn’t like starting the ride with that kind of announcement, but as I told the guy next to me when the plane started down the runway, “I guess it’s too late to get off.”  I have no pictures of the ride out this year because I got an aisle seat.  To top that off, the guy at the window (a really nice person) wanted to close the window in order to see the movie screen better. 

I appreciate Greg and Janice for opening their home to us “hoodlums.”  I look forward to a fun time together today practicing for the praise band. 

I miss my family already, but expect God to bring us back together on Friday night.  Love to you guys big time!! 

I hope to write more as the week progresses.  With more pressure from Randy, I’m sure I will.


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