California Trip Days 2-4

I know I know, I’ve missed another couple of days.  Randy has my wife taking pop shots at me in the comments.  So I will try and catch you guys up. 

Saturday in Long Beach consisted of setting up for the praise band worship on Sunday night.  We had to move all of the PA, drums, and other equipment into the annex.  We also HAD to go to the Guitar center.  That was really tough on Greg, Randy, and myself, but we managed to make it through.  Greg has spent many trips to the Guitar Center.  That man has every piece of equipment one could want to set up a group.  It’s awesome!!  Thanks Janice for letting him get that stuff for us!! 

That night we practiced too.  It was about 3 hours of practice.  I got to meet Debbie who played keyboards for us.  Steve Hay was there, and Ross the bass player.  He is one of the best I’ve ever played with–fast as greased lightin’.  Camille, one of the teens in the group sang as well.  Of course there was Randy Wray and Greg who both sang and played guitar. 

Sunday was awesome.  The Long Beach church family always a joy.  They are very nice loving people–people I’m glad to have as a part of my Christian family.  Cecil led the communion service and through his story the Spirit prompted me to give my testimony.  Thanks to the Spirit of God, the people listened and responded well to it.  God works in wondrous ways.  Afterward, the elders from Long Beach gathered around Cecil and laid hands on him and prayed.  It was a Spirit-filled day. Our brother was lifted up and God was glorified!!

Later that night we had the praise band worship, which went so well.  God was praised and the people lifted up.  Using the talents God has given us to praise Him is an awesome feeling. 

ca-trip-2007-23.jpgMonday was a day of work I will refer you to Greg’s blog for the whole story, but I will say that I learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes at a funeral home.  I will just say that I’m glad there are people like Josh and Greg who can do this work.  I have included a picture of Cecil in the body lift that we installed.  He said it was kind of comfortable and that he was “uplifted” by the whole experience.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Please keep Ellen in your prayers.  She had an accident with her ankle that cost twenty stitches on the outside and three on the inside.  She is in lots of pain and me not being able to be there to help my wife is tough.  Please pray for her and the kids.  Thanks so much to mom and the Creekside church family for stepping up in my absence to help her. 

Well, that kind of catches you up.  We are off today for Pepperdine.  Our plans are to stop at “The Dream Center” in downtown LA.  I hope to have lots to blog about that.  God bless you all.


7 responses to “California Trip Days 2-4

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    […] button. Cool!!!! Next was Cecil. (Keith has a picture of Cecil in the lift … click here.) Then your’s truly. Now that we know it will hold our weight, the next step will be taking […]

  • janice

    that one ride I don’t want to take, until i have too! 😕

    Will be lifting your wife up in prayer, and your family too!

    hope you guys have a good time , and a safe one to!;)

    came over from Greg’s !


  • Meowmix

    I’m with Janice on this one! I don’t want a practice run! Just out of curiosity, are you guys going to test the part where the body is put in the casket? Just wondering……………..

    Praying for Ellen’s healing.

  • cwinwc

    I will never forget what you did at the Beach for me. I was wondering where your slides where when you started.

    That picture is too weird but then so am I.

    Thanks again my Alabama Brother.

  • Keith Davis

    Thanks to you all for the prayers for Ellen.

    Welcome Janice.

    No Judy, we did not practice that one. In fact, I did not get on the lift. Just a little too wierd for me.

    Cecil, my brother, it was all from the Holy Spirit. I am touched by your story and can relate all too well. God bless you brother.

  • Steve

    Glad to be with you bro. What a multitude of experiences we have in LA/Malibu!


  • glenda

    What a great experience, something I don’t want to have to do anytime soon though.
    Enjoyed Sunday, all of it!!

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