Pepperdine Reflections

As I sit here at LAX anticipating seeing my family, I am so excited to go home.  I really miss Ellen, Tabitha, Danielle, Britney, and Brandon.  They are the center of my life here on this earth.

Pepperdine has been wonderful this year.  I was privileged to hear Glen Pemberton, Jeff Walling, Don McLaughlin, Mike Cope, Randy Harris, and Steve Puckett.  Every one of these men challenged my thinking and helped me to go home renewed in the Lord and excited about the future for the kingdom of Jesus at Creekside and our surrounding community.  What a blessing that has all been!

I have been able to spend time with some of the best people in the world.  They have made me laugh, cry, think, pray, and more.  I will never forget the goof I made at the lunch table with Cecil, Greg, and Bruce.  You can read the full transcript at Cecil’s blog.  I will not forget meeting many in our blog family face to face and within that reuniting with a friend from high school.  I will never forget seeing a young man, Kenny Lyons, who was a part of our first youth group at Florence Blvd. years ago.  I ran into a young man I haven’t seen in years named Nathan who was a youth intern for us at the Walnut Street church in Texarkana. 

The beauty of Malibu was breath-taking this year.  The beaches, the campus, the mountains–all of it was gorgeous!

I guess the highlight of my week came on Wednesday AM when in the worship time with Zoe and Mike Cope.  I told Brandon Scott afterward just how much I appreciate the way in which they take me into the throne-room of God.  I was so moved by the whole event that I could only sit and weep.  Ellen called me during that time and was worried about why I was crying.  I told her that it was a cry of joy because of being in the presence of God.  It was truly awesome.  He is truly awesome!!

I thank God for bringing me here safely and I pray for His traveling mercies as I return to my wonderful family.


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