My Cup “Ranneth” Over AND Pink Flamingos

pink-flamingos.jpgComing back from Pepperdine has left me feeling that my cup is full to overflowing.  In fact, I told my church family this morning that “my cup runneth over.”  I preached a little longer than usual today and told them that I was sorry that my cup “ranneth” over on them.  They were great about it.

One of the things that is so exciting at Creekside right now is the influx of new faces each week.  It seems that each Sunday there are new people in the audience who seem to be hungry for worship and to be fed the word.  Praise God.

I want to tell you about one such individual who is a new-comer to our family.  His name is Jim.  From the very beginning of his coming to be with us, Jim began pulling me aside each Sunday and just asking that God would anoint my preaching and that He would fill me up with His Spirit.  What a minister Jim is to me!  I just pray that our relationship continues to grow in the Lord.

One little tid-bit of information that I thought was so funny.  Someone from our church family thought it would be funny to pull one over one me and boy they were right.  This morning we woke up to a front yard full of pink flamingos and a sign that said, “Welcome Back To The Flock, Keith.”  I will try and get a picture up of that for you to see soon.  It is truly hilarious!  It is great to be home.  God bless you my blog family.


8 responses to “My Cup “Ranneth” Over AND Pink Flamingos

  • cwinwc

    I’m sure you’d rather have a yard full of pink flamingos instead of “For Sale” signs. Isn’t it good to know that folks love you so much that they will “mess” with you.
    Miss you already brother.

  • Greg England

    Glad you are back w/ your flock! Sure enjoyed having you out here for a week, though. Several people told me Sunday how much they enjoyed you last week. You’ll never preach for me again!!!

  • Randy

    There’s at least one benefit to the birds being plastic.

  • Steve

    Ha! Good picture, bro. I will let you know as soon as I can about North Alabama trip to Maud.


  • Elaine Caudle

    So glad your trip was good. Love the pic. Just to let you know, I did take the computer to China and am blogging each day (almost) with pics of the trip. Teri and Josh signed the adoption papers this AM and we will be getting Maddie in 4 hours.

    Love ya brother.

  • Joe Carr

    It was great to talk with you last week. Keep standing in the gap and building bridges where ever possible. By the way, what is the history of pink flamingos?

  • Lisa Elkins

    My school email blocks me from getting to the church’s email page. But it will allow me to leave a comment. Andy and I are excited about moving back to be part of the “flock” in Alabama. We ask for prayers in selling our house in North Carolina and that the Lord will bless Jeremy Word in buying our house in Rogersville, AL this week. Please pray for us and our preparations to move. We still needs jobs and a place to live when we get there. We are praying that we can be there by the end of June. Love you guys.

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