“Keith D. Religious”

We get some of the most ridiculous mail in the world at our church building.  I used to think that churches would not be big targets for junk mail, but I dare say that 75% of all the mail we get goes from the mail box, to my hand, to the trash without even being opened. 

Today I got one of the funniest pieces of mail I’ve ever received.  It was an application Platinum Visa Card (I’ll bet none of you ever get one of those).  That’s not all that funny, but the name on the address label was.  It was addressed to “Keith D. Religious.”  It even has a “mock” card with that name on it.  How funny is that?  Well, maybe not as funny to you as me, but I thought it was great.

Then I got to thinking about that as a description of myself.  When I first started preaching, I thought I was “Mr. Religious.”  I had all the right answers, went to a school with the right answers, and was a part of a church with all the right answers.  That was being who I thought I should be, but it was just being “religious.” 

I learned about the scriptures.  I learned more about people than I wanted to know.  And I knew how to tow the line of our particular branch of Christianity.  But when I look back, so much of it was just “religion.”

You would expect me to turn the tide in this blog now and tell about how all that’s changed.  You might expect me to tell you that I’ve found the perfect church with the real right answers.  You might want to hear me say, “Sure I’ve figured it all out.”  In fact the opposite is true.

Today I may have more questions than answers.  I have accepted the fact the I have been wrong on a good many things.  I have learned that “religion” is the enemy of God not the friend.  I have also learned that my relationship with God is not dependant upon me having all the right answers, but the fact that Jesus is the answer.  His Holy Spirit in me is more than sufficient.  Praise His Holy Name!!

So, in the words of a really old commercial, “You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay,” or you can call me religious.  Call me what you want, but the most important fact is the Jesus called me by the good news, and I choose Jesus and His grace and mercy.


7 responses to ““Keith D. Religious”

  • Elaine Caudle

    There is so much truth in what you said. I at one time thought I had it “all right” and the “right answers”. I learned much later in life that I didn’t know much of anything about my God, just what had been the doctrine of my time. It was such a relief to learn who my God really is and to rest in what Christ did for me. And what a rest that has been. Now, I let people know I don’t know all the answers but I can tell you “this” about my God.

    P.S. On a personal note – check out the pictues of the baby on my blog site. The day we though would never come, finally did.

  • Donna

    I think the sign of true Christian maturity is admitting that we have more questions than answers and realizing religion is not the way to the heart of God…..I am just sad it has taken me so long.

  • cwinwc

    “But you don’t have to call me Mr. Johnson.”

    My brother, the fact that you have more questions than answers and live by Grace rather than legalism makes you the man that you are.

  • Steve

    That is way too funny, Keith. Now we finally have a nickname that will stick for you!

    Very good blog. I think it’s one of those keepers that should be expanded and more widely published, maybe in that book you will write.


  • spiritualoasis

    Just wondering how you would have reacted if this had been addressed to “Keith B. Religious”.

    I can imagine how some might take something like that to be prophetic and spend their whole lives trying to be what it says to “B”. Yet another illustration of why we need to draw our inspiration and direction from none but Jesus.

    Thanks for sharing this, Keith.

  • Randy

    Great, insightful post brother.

    Turn the card in and buy yourself some new drums!

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