Victory Without A Game

Having teenagers, I find myself asking quite often, “Will they ever mature?”  Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and they are wonderful, but in so many ways they are typical.

Tonight we traveled to Birmingham to play baseball.  Brandon plays on a team called the North Alabama Sharks.  Tonight was to be his first night to join the team because he has been on the school team and could not start travel ball until that was over. 

Anyway, tonight we travelled two and a half hours only to get there and the bottom fell out of the sky.  It rained and rained.  The field was so nice that they put a tarp on it, but it was not enough.  We could not play the game.  Brandon was slated to pitch too.  What a bummer!!

The night was not lost however.  Brandon had the best attitude about it.  We laughed and talked all the way home, except the last few miles he fell asleep.  He even made the comment that it wasn’t a total loss and he was glad we were able to spend the time.  I guess, at least for today, he is growing up.  It’s great to see the victories in our kids’ lives.


4 responses to “Victory Without A Game

  • Donna

    It is kind of amazning to watch them turn into real people again….and realize that you actually “like” them.

  • Meowmix

    I like to refer to such times as “freeze frames” in my memory!

  • Greg England

    Time spent with our kids is never wasted time! Jan and I went to Temecula today (Saturday) to look for houses. After four strike outs (the agent could not get us into the houses … no lock boxes, as promised in the ads) I told Josh this was a frustrating waste of time. He said, “You got to see us, is that a waste of time?” I told him, “I’ve seen you twice this week!” We thoroughly enjoyed being with them … and found a house!!

  • Elaine Caudle

    Sorry your game got rained out. Used to love to travel with my kids when they got a certain age and actually be able to carry on an adult conversation.

    Next time you are going to be in the B’ham area, let me know. If I am not on duty at the hospital, I would love to come over and visit with you and watch Brandon play. If you have the time, ya’ll could come stay with us. Love to have ya.

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