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I’m beginning a new class at Creekside in a couple of weeks for our Sunday morning adults class.  It’s going to be an “open forum” type class where we study some of the topics under discussion in the church.  The class will turn in questions to be discussed and each week we will undertake to talk about one or two of them.

These kinds of classes are not something that we’ve had at Creekside since I’ve been here, which is about 5 years.  We are just not a church that deals with the “issues” very much.   My hope is that the class will be one that will center on love and understanding for where we all are in our particular journeys.  Love is a must in a class setting like this.

One of the things I shared with the class Sunday is that I think we are ready for something like this.   We have a loving spirit and many have open minds to listening to the scriptures and learning together and from each other.  We have a church family that understands that we are not all in the same place doctrinally, spiritually, and in the realm of maturity.  We also have a strong leadership of men who are not afraid of tough questions and not afraid of admitting that they don’t have all the answers.  Imagine that–shepherds who don’t claimperfection!!

I guess I’m asking for your prayers in this endeavor.  I pray that God will bless us so that we may come away from this with more opportunity to open our minds to great things that God has in store for our family.

Just to let you know, the first question turned in was, “How do we decide which parts of the New Testament are cultural? (like head-covering, women speaking in worship, and great one another with a holy kiss)  After the question was asked, the person asking it said, “I don’t mean to dwell on the issues of this particular question, but the question itself.”  How do we decide?  I think it’s a great question with which to start. 

Maybe some of you scholars can help me with this.  I’ll take any comments or resources.  it’s OK to email me privately about it too.


7 responses to “Open Forum

  • That Girl

    I’m doing an online study (that is WAY over my head) with some girls that blog. The study is about the role of women and our first hurdle is the whole cultural thing. It’s a very interesting study – I hope I can keep up.

    One of the points is that Corinthians was written specifically to the church in Corinth… we can gleam much wisdom from it but a lot of things written about concern their culture. Paul writes about different issues to different churches – much like teachers in the present day have to talk about certain issues with one group and not so much with another.

    I’m rambling – sorry. I’ll let you know if I learn anything.

  • cwiwnc

    The answer to your “first question” is the key to “un-hanging” many of the hangups we have in the churches of Christ.

    Elders don’t know everything? I can show you how to type “s-t-u-c-k” with my cell phone.

    Sorry Bro, that will always be a cherished memory for me for it made me laugh at a time I didn’t feel like laughing much.

  • Randy

    Great first question. When the Spirit of Christ prevails in these discussions there is a tremendous sense of blessing.

  • mattdabbs

    On anything from Corinthians see Ben Witherington III Conflict in Community and Richard Oster’s College Press Commentary. Leon Morris and Richard Hays should also be good. I hope the study goes well.

  • Steve

    Two great resources for two of the topics you mentioned are:

    Men and Women in Church: Building Consensus on Christian Leadership by Sarah Sumner

    The Moral Vision of the New Testament: Community, Cross, New Creation, A Contemporary Introduction to New Testament Ethics by Richard B. Hays


  • Setadamma

    Heh. Nice. I like to utilize my unlikely nuisance I have a nice joke. Why is an evil witch like a candle? They are both WICKED

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