Words Fitly Eaten

How many times have you uttered these words, “I’ll never do that again” only to find yourself, “doing that again?”  We call that around here “eatin’ crow.”  Most of the time it doesn’t taste very good.   Someone said, “make your words sweet, for one day you may have to eat them.”

Today was that day for me.  I decided to do something about which I had used the “never again” phrase, and it turned out to be a more pleasant experience this time around.  I went to the local “preachers’ luncheon.”

After the last time, for reasons I won’t go into here, I said that I would never go back.  But I received an “olive branch” from a local friend who simply sent me an email with a one sentence invitation to come.  It felt good to get that personal email.  Oh sure, I’d received the standard mail out each month, but no genuine invite on a personal basis.  I really appreciated that genuine invite.

The meeting was pleasent.  We had a good lunch.  I sat with some guys I haven’t had lunch with in quite a while.  I really enjoyed the time. 

Why is it that we do that?  We say in the heat of a moment that we will “never, never.”  There may be an occasion or two where that is appropriate, but many times we cut God’s ability off to work in our life when we say,”never.”  Maybe He wanted me to go back to help someone, or to receive help that I might have needed.  Learning this teaches me to be careful how I pronounce what I will or will not do in the future. 

James tells us to us to say, “If the Lord wills….”  That leaves me wide open to do His bidding and not mine–even when I want to do something else.  Maybe I’m growing up a bit.  Almost 43, it’s about time!


8 responses to “Words Fitly Eaten

  • That Girl

    I had a little crow this week… well, I always do but I got a bigger portion than usual.

  • Donna

    Yep, that maturity thing….when does that kick in??

  • Stoogelover

    My kids can tell you the dozens of places we’ve been to either shop or eat and I’ve said, “I’ll never go back there again” and we still go back. I’m come to enjoy the taste of crow … just hold my nose and swallow hard!

  • Joe Carr

    Thank you for translating for those of us who don’t speak Alabama…
    I read something yesterday that fits well with what you’re talking about: “we mustn’t allow ourselves to detach from the church in a self-righteous cynicism. That’s too easy and too empty. To those communities that have severed themselves from the established church, please build a bridge, for the church needs your prophetic voice. We can do more together than we can do alone.” Shane Claiborne in The Irresistible Revolution

  • cwiwnc

    I think using the word “never” gives us a false sense of power over situations that we’re powerless to do anything about. When we realize this we are then open to God moving in our life.

    I am so happy for you Brother that you went back to that luncheon. This is one time I’m sure “crow” wasn’t on the menu.

    God bless you.

  • Randy

    We usually utter this particular phrase as a means of self-protection or defiance. Maturity helps sort it all out.

  • Steve

    I think David’s experience with a visit from Nathan is the ultimate “eating crow” experience and shows how our arrogance and selfishness often leads to our downfall.


  • Trey Morgan

    I’d have to add a “been there done that” to your above comments. I almost wish I had a dime for every time I said, “I won’t do that again.”

    I wish someone would figure out why we do that.

    Enjoyed looking around your blog.


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