New Microphones

Ellen and I will be travelling to Nashville tomorrow to pick up something that we’ve been hoping for for some time now.  We are going to get some wireless microphones for our praise team.  I know it seems like a small thing, but we have dealt with wires all along the front of our auditorium for a long time.  It’s messy, but more than that it’s somewhat of a fall hazard.

We had been looking for some time, but due to lack of funds we couldn’t.  After saving the money over time, we managed enough to get some mics, but not the quality for the money we could spend.  In the meanwhile, I called and asked a friend if they had a connection.  To make a long story short, she told me that her group had a set of mics for sale.  They just upgraded their system.  We will be able to purchase enough mics, though used, for our praise team that are much better quality for much less than the cost for new ones. 

Some say, “What luck!”  We are saying, “Praise God!!” 

Do you think God cares about such small things?  I do.  I believe that God is interested in our lives here.  After all, He calls us His children.  We are consumed with our children, no matter how small the matter.  I like to think that our heavenly Father cares too.


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