We Won’t Forget

bill-hammond.jpgalvin-kilpatrick.jpgI awoke this morning on this Memorial Day thinking about all of of the men and women who have died for causes for which the the United States has stood.  War after war has been fought in the name of democracy and freedom for the entire world. 

Opening the local news paper site led me to an article about the veterans of the “Greatest Generation.”  It was an article talking about how we are losing 1000 to 16oo World War II veterans each day to death.  It pointed out that there are many stories which will never be told due to losing these great people. 

My favorite character in the Star Wars movies, Yoda once said, “War does not make one great.”  That maybe true, but sacrifice does.  Giving your life for people you don’t even know in order for them to continue in freedom is an incredible sacrifice.  Jesus said,  “The greatest love a person can show is to die for his friends.”(John 15:13 NCV)

I know you have people in your family that you remember on days like today.  Here are two in mine.  The first picture is Ellen’s grandfather, William “Bill” Hammond.  The second is my grandfather, Alvin Kilpatrick.  They both were US Army veterans who fought in WWII. 

Both of these men were part of that greatest generation.  They lived and died in a time when your word was your honor, your country was worth dying for, and God was still one in whom our government still honored.  There are many more in my family who have fought for this country as well.  Let us never forget these who have paid the price in time away from their families and many with their lives for the freedom of people in this great country.


2 responses to “We Won’t Forget

  • cwinwc

    I believe the young men and women who are defending our country in the War on Terror will be and perhaps are the next “Greatest Generation.”

  • jel

    this is a Great post, ,

    and I agree with what you said cwinwc 😉

    man it is hard to belive that I was in high school when the first Star Wars came out 😕

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