Yard Sale

I remember the last yard sale we had.  Afterward, Ellen made the statement, “This is the last yard sale I’m ever having.”  Famous last words.  At the moment of the typing of this blog, my wonderful wife is in the storage building in the back yard pricing things for….you guessed it, another yard sale. 

I really commend her for her tenacity.  She does so much for us. She cleans houses to help make our financial ends meet.  She is a great cook as you can tell by the way I am “growing.” She keeps one of the cleanest houses I’ve ever been in (now with the help of our four teens and me).  Most importantly, she is a great mom to our children and I couldn’t ask for a better wife. 

Yes, having a yard sale is a great deal of trouble for her, but it’s just one more way she serves her family.   So, here’s to you Ellen a blog dedication!!


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