Focus Daniel-san

karate-kid.jpgWhen I think of the Karate Kid movies, I think of the word “focus.”  Mr Miyagi teaches Daniel the ways of Karate.  One of the main tenants of the descipline is “FOCUS.”  He told Daniel to focus so that he could win over his opponent. 

Focus is a tough thing.  Right now in my life there are about a thousand things going on, it seems.  Husband responsibilities, father responsibilities, personal responsibilites, church responsibilities and I could think of more if I just tried a little bit.  As soon as I get one plate spinning, there seems to be another plate about to fall that need my attention.  It can make a man downright persnickety! Where did that word come from?

Paul said, (Philippians 4:8 NIV) “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”  The word “think” in the NIV is translated “dwell” in the NASV.   The Greek word means “to take inventory” of something.  It is an action word that I think (no pun intended) I need to do more often.

When we take inventory we discover somethings that need to be gotten rid of.  There are things which need to be moved to the back of the line instead of the front.  There are somethings that need to stay at the center of our focus.  I guess I just need to slow down long enought to take a serious inventory and see what it is that is standing in the way of doing whatever it is that God has willed for me.

What are some things that may be hindering us from a true focus? 


2 responses to “Focus Daniel-san

  • Meowmix

    ………the storm around us! After all, Peter walked on water as long as he looked at Jesus. He started to sink when he took his eyes of him and looked at the winds and waves around him. It’s not easy to stay focused, and I am the world’s worst. If it had been me, I would probably have sunk like a rock the minute I stepped out of the boat (assuming I ever stepped out!).

  • Greg England

    I had a talk w/ Josh about this very thing today, prior to reading your blog. The problem is that far too many of those plates we’re spinning are there because of another’s agenda. I have no obligation to spin a plate that is not my choosing. And a person of wisdom figures out which plate is his / hers and which ones aren’t.

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