Service Wednesdays

Tonight is the beginning of what we call “Service Wednesdays” at Creekside.   We meet at 5:30 for a catered meal at a reduced price.  We do this in order to help the moms and dads who work all day and don’t have time to go home, prepare a meal, and be back at the building in time.  It’s a meat, two vegetables, and a roll for $4.00–not a bad price.

Following the meal we launch out from the building to go and provide services for people in our church family and the community. 

For example tonight we are painting a lady’s patio furniture.  She is older and unable to do so for herself.  We are mowing one our member’s yard who broke her foot and can’t.  We are cleaning a house for a family who is trying to sell the house because the father of the house was killed in a car accident leaving his 17 year old daughter.  We are repairing a car for one of our members who can’t afford to have it fixed.  It’s her only means of getting around by herself.  While there, we are moving a refridgerator in for her.

All of these things are done to the glory of God and to serve as Jesus did.  He served without the expectation of repayment.  He gave from his heart to help find the source of peace–Himself.  We want to do the same.  We serve people because of “who’s” we are for nothing in return except an opportunity to do what God has called us to do and to show others the love of Jesus.

I hope in future blogs to share with you some things learned from this whole experience.


9 responses to “Service Wednesdays

  • gatorfox


    It is good to hear that there are actually Christians who want to be Christ-ians. I applaud this move. I think that this is what we are called to do.

    A wise man recently told me something that has really changed my perspective and life. He gave me three simple things – Love God, Love others, and Service. This has really opened my eyes to many things, and I see people in a new light. This helped to fan the flame that I have for Christ.

    By the way, thanks Keith.

  • That Girl

    This is exactly what I want to be a part of!

  • Randy

    Excellent application of “Go”!

  • Meowmix

    I LOVE IT!!

  • Greg England

    We had that type of ministry in Florida at one time. We called it “Brother’s Keepers” and it was a wonderful way to spend time!!

  • cwinwc

    An old idea with powerful implications!

  • preacherman

    Sounds like a great idea to do one Wed. nights. A great way for the community to get to know about the church and get see what your church is about. I pray that God blesses your ministry.
    I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading more.

  • Swindle

    Yep it was great! Three men came and fixed our sink problem also. I will not mention who because they all got in trouble with thier wives also. BTW the switch one brought is still in the same spot. SwindleWoman is a eyeing that thing every day. I have got to destroy the thing. Great people at Creekside. This is what christianity is all about. Can’t wait till we all get to heaven. WOW! I can hear some stories now just imagine. Swindle’s

  • Donna

    Exactly what church is supposed to be…not cooped up in a building singing…”To the Work”

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