Basketball in T-town

For those who do not know it, we are in Tuscaloosa on the campus of the Alabama Crimson Tide playing in a team camp for our B-team and varsity teams this weekend.  Ellen and I came down with Brandon to watch him play.  Pray for us as we are away from the girls.

We had a great beginning to our basketball team’s camp yesterday.  We began the day with two wins.  The first was ugly, but nevertheless a win.  The second was better.  We played a team that won the state two years ago and beat them.  The third game, however, was uuuuuggllyyyyy!!!!  We played a team that beat us 74 to 26.  They pressed us full court until the score was 71 to 26–low class on top of good. 

I asked their coach after the game why would a team press like that with that kind of lead.  He told me that he was playing his younger players (yeah right) and that they needed to learn to be aggressive and how to press.  It looked like a college team against a freshman high school team.  There is no need ever, in my opinion, to degrade a team in the context in which we are playing.  This is a team camp, not a state championship.  The games mean absolutely nothing in the scheme of things except to learn and try and get better.  Our team learned what it felt like to be degraded.  I hope that I never see us do that to another team.  Our coach was very disappointed in the opposing coach’s demeanor and sportsmanship.  I was proud of our coach for not just coming unglued on the guy.

I hope today is a good day for our boys.  They need a pick-me-up day.


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