Great Weekend and Sunday

We had an awesome weekend with our VBS and Neighborhood Cookout.  The numbers were great, but more than that, the spirit was wonderful.  We had lots of volunteer help with both events. 

Children are awesome.  I love to worship with them.  They have zero inhibitions when it comes to worship.  All they know is that they love Jesus and He is the focus of our lives and worship.  They are perfectly happy clapping, dancing, and laughing for God.  If worship could be that way all of the time, how wonderful it would be.

Our cookout for the community went great.  We had a great number from the community and the church, but again, it was not great simply because of the number.  We had a wonderful meal and when we started playing music, once again the children were the star of the show.  They all gathered up front next to the stage and danced all night long.  I know that sounds strange in a church building, but it was a blast.  Ithink the people got much more from the children than the band, but who cares, everyone had fun.

We met several people from the neighborhood and many of them came to he event.  One gentleman, Mr. Kidd, an elderly man who has been instrumental in getting the Jesus movie in our area was there.  He has been a missionary for Jesus in another denomination for many years.  He was a humble man with a great love for God.   He was kind enough to send a thank you note to our house thanking us for the whole thing. 

We received another note of thanks on behalf of an entire segment of the neighborhood from a Mr. Hinn.  He spoke of how much he enjoyed the food and the music.

I think that one of the things that draws people to these community events is the fact that we don’t charge and admission and that there are no strings attached.  It is a concern of mine that people view churches in general as having a hand out.  I wonder what kind of descriptions we would get if we went through the streets and asked people at random how they viewed “church” or “Christians.”  Wouldn’t it be great if the answers they gave first were answers that had Jesus’ name in them?  I hope that events like what we did this past weekend are things that will let people know that all we want to do is be there neigbor and that Jesus is the center of our lives.

I have to end this blog with praise and honor and glory aimed at our Father in heaven Who loves unconditionally and Jesus our Lord, Savior, who paid the ultimate price for our salvation and Holy Spirit our peace, comfort, wisdom, intercessor and counselor for any good that is done through us. 


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