Great Sunday!!

Today was a great day at Creekside.  God blessed us with a wonderful crowd and the Spirit of God moved amongst us.  That was evident through the singing, the words spoken and the spirit of love that exists within our family.

Our class was most interesting and I’ll just leave it at that.  Just pray for us that the spirit of love can continue like it did today.  Some of the things that came out in that class were very emotional, but were handled because love prevailed.  Praise God for that.

We had a special treat as well in the fact that our brother blogger, “The Puckster” was with us.  We were short a tenor singer for our praise team and he filled in on extremely short notice and did an awesome job.  God has blessed you my brother with a great singing voice.  Thanks for being with us.

We ended the day with one of my favorite treats–an ice cream supper.  We had lots of good ice cream and foods.  We played volley ball, board games, and just sat around and talked.  All in all it was a great Sunday.


6 responses to “Great Sunday!!

  • Meowmix

    Great to hear! My Sunday was good, too. Our congregation is very small, but there are some good, loving people there. I feel blessed to be part of that family. With the news that my brother is critically ill at this time, I was surrounded by them…… the mountains surround Jerusalem, to borrow a line from the Psalms. 🙂

  • Greg England

    Glad ZZ came to pay a visit. I don’t give him much credit on line, but he and I know that I love him dearly and consider him one of my better friends over the years.

  • Swindle

    Greg, The greatest part of the Sunday Night deal was the 2 songs we sung. Got into a smaller room and let it rip! We sung “When The Night Is Falling” and “Surround Us Oh Lord”. Truely! Truely! The pressence of the Lord was there. One of the best singing we have had in a LONG time! We still think of your Mom often at Creekside, Swindle

  • mattdabbs

    Gotta love moments like those.

  • neva

    Ours was wonderful, also! I have often wondered how folks without the Lord begin their week–and how do they make it through without Him and without Sundays?


  • Steve (ZZPuck)

    Great to see you bro! I’m a little behind on my blogging being on the road and tired from much hammering and such.


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