There’s you a new word, “Churchical.”  I heard this word used in jest at a dinner I went to last night during Handy week in Florence.  As most of you probably know, Florence is home to W.C. Handy, the father of the blues.  During this week, there are lots of bands play all over the area.  In recent years, many places have begun using this week for benefit dinners and the such like.  Last night was such a night at Heritage Christian University.

 As the event began, a man got up to introduce the evening and kick things off.  He made the statement that “tonight is not church.”  I think this was said to let people know that it was, as he said, “meant for fun” and not worship.  He said we weren’t going to be “churchical.” The statement made me laugh because, though I know what he was doing, I think it ridiculous to think that we were not “church” during that night. 

The first group was a group from a church singing nothing but old gospel hymns.  Our group went next, singing “doo wap” fifties style music.  We were followed by the Mars Hill Jazz Band.  It was a great night of fun and the crowd was so great that I know they raised lots of money for the school.  Praise God!!  Or does that sound too “churchical.”

Isn’t the “Church” the people?  How can we be together and not be the church?  We have so compartmentalized our religion into what happens on Sunday AM that we can’t think of having fun on Sunday morning and having “church” anywhere else except in the building.  God help us understand family!!


4 responses to ““Churchical”

  • Connie Lard

    I never cease to be amazed at how some will compartmentalize gatherings of church folk and determine what can be done in said gathering based on whether it’s officially “church” or not. Where do they get that?! It’s nowhere in scripture. A prime example is whether a woman can stand up in front and speak to a gathered group. A friend of mine, who happens to be female, spoke to a group of single parents on a week night at a church building and there were both men and women present to hear her speak. She was asked to come back and speak again on a different topic, this time on a Wednesday night, and men were not allowed to be in this session. One man asked to be allowed to stay and listen and was refused. Simply because this time it was on a Wednesday night. Does this make any kind of sense at all to those outside of “our” tradition?! I doubt it. Why can’t we see how crazy this is?!

  • Neva

    I agree Keith, it is time we stopped “doing” church and started “being” church. Until we make that change there will have to be a separation between being “worshipful” and “churchical”. 🙂


  • cwinwc

    “Churchical” sounds nonsensical to me. Perhaps the world would recognize the church more if we moved our living definition of “church” outside the building walls.

  • Meowmix

    As I’ve mentioned in some e-mails and a time or two within our blog community, I have a brother who is critically ill. Basically it’s a matter of time for him. Now this brother does not like funerals. He’s only attended one that I can remember as far back as my mind will stretch, and it was our mother’s. So whatever is done for him will only be for the rest of us. In some of my less busy times the last few weeks, I have tried to think ahead to this time, and being that he has been one heck of a guitar player in his time, it has occurred to me to have some live guitar playing and maybe some recorded music from Elvis’ gospel CD. I’ve told myself that, after all, a funeral is not a worship service! Especially when I think of mixing this music up with my older brother and the speaker from within our fellowship! Now, doggone it, you’ve gone and blown my alibi!! 🙂

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