God: A Mystery?

William Jennings Bryan said, “I have observed the power of the watermelon seed. It has the power of drawing from the ground and through itself 200,000 times its weight. When you can tell me how it takes this material and out of it colors an outside surface beyond the imitation of art, and then forms inside of it a white rind and within that again a red heart, thickly inlaid with black seeds, each one of which in turn is capable of drawing through itself 200,000 times its weight–when you can explain to me the mystery of a watermelon, you can ask me to explain the mystery of God.”

When I read this I thought about the awesome mysteries surrounding God and I agree that there is a magnificence and mystery that is truly amazing and hard to grasp. Yet, we can understand that God has made Himself known to us.

In the most wonderful loving act of God we see that he desires more than we can know to have a relationship with us. Jesus is that expression of love and the very key to unlock all the mystery surrounding God. Jesus once told the disciples, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.” So the next time you want to discover a “mystery” about God, look to Jesus and see what God is like.


5 responses to “God: A Mystery?

  • Elaine Caudle

    Enjoyed the thoughts. I live right in the middle of some of God’s most wonderful creation (the mountains, the woods, clear blue sky) and sometimes I forget to stop and thank Him for it. I was driving to work the other day and looked up and saw the fluffy white clouds that I used to love to watch as a kid and thought how I have missed just kicking back and watch the clouds float across the sky and imagine the shapes they make and dwell on how beautiful creation is (except for snakes!).

  • Matthew

    Mystery, the forgotten aspect of God. In the desire to explain every thing, we maybe have forgotten to realize that God is still unexplainable.


  • Greg England

    Fascinating! I can better explain the watermelon than I can how Clapton plays as well as he does.

  • neva

    I heard a poem once, I think it was called, “I Saw Jesus Today” or something like that. Anyway, it was all about seeing God in His people, seeing God in His creation, seeing God in His workings in our lives. It was a beautiful poem and very powerful.

    How is your MIL?


  • cwinwc

    Good thoughts Bro.

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