Really Cool Experience

Today I had a realy cool experience.  It all began last week when, at our regular monthly show (The Country Shindig), I met a man named Roger Clark.  That name may or may not mean anything to you, but it meant a lot to me.  Roger is a studio musician and back “in the day” played for several major stars. 

Anyway, at our show, he came up on stage after the show and was very kind to say the least about how the show sounded  to him.  He was so excited that he invited me to come and talk to him and his partner (who is the drummer for the group Shennedoah) about our band Showdown recording in Wishbone Sudio.  Wishbone has so much history.  Many hits and many stars have recorded there.  In fact, at one time Muscle Shoals was known as the hit recording captial of the world.  There were more hits recorded here than Nashville, and LA.  All of that has changed, but Roger, Mike and others are trying to revive the musical spirit that still exists in our area today.

I had an experience similar to today when I was a teen.  When I was sixteen years old our garage band decided to go and see if we could tour Wishbone Studios.  We ended up meeting the bass player for Lynyrd Skynyrd, who at that time were the gods of southern rock and enjoyed listening to the Muscle Shoals Horns–the premier horn section of the time in our area.  Little did I know then that not long after my 43rd birthday I would be talking about the possibility of recording there myself. 

Not much of an experience to some, but to a musician it was an awesome time. 


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