I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but it’s truly been a tough last couple of weeks.  Without going into detail, I ask that you guys pray for my family.  We are transitioning in a big way with our children.  They are growing up and in most ways that’s great, but in some ways it’s hard on our family who’s been so close to see some of that separation in our lives.  Oh well, I said I wasn’t going into detail.  Just pray for us through this and if the blogs are a little more scarce for a while, please understand.

I do want to say this.  We could not ask for better care from our shepherds at Creekside.  I don’t mean any slam on others when I say this, but I don’t know of a time in our ministry lives where we’ve been able to sit down with an entire eldership and just open up and spill out our hearts like we did last night.  Another interesting thing is that these men saw our need and sensed our need to pray and receive counselling before we asked for it.  They called us together to pray with us and told us that we could share as much or little as we would like about our situation and then listened as we told our story.  Following that story, they offered gentle advise with love and concern followed by prayer.  WOW!!!  What a blessing it is to be shepherded and feel confident that we will not be judged for our struggle, but loved through it.  Thank you God for our shepherds and friends in our church family.

Thank you my blog family for listening too.  You guys are wonderful–all of you!!


13 responses to “Shepherds

  • Jerry Falling

    I am praying for you and Ellen. Kids growing up – wow what a great and often frustrating part of life. It is also wonderful to hear what your shepherds are doing for you. Praise God for men who have the heart to shepherd like Jesus.
    Keep seeking, praying and serving.

  • That Girl

    Hang in there. Maybe it’s just another phase. 🙂

  • Donna

    You are fortunate to have such caring and perceptive shepherds. It is a tough time, something most of us don’t talk about because we are just so glad we survived it.

  • jel

    will be!

    and you are very blessed to have a church family like you do!


  • Greg England

    I and my wife and I have spent many hours through the years being shepherded by the elders in Long Beach and it is one of the greater blessings of the community of faith. I love men who have a heart to shepherd rather than hand out edicts. And, knowing the shepherds at Creekside as I do, you are very fortunate to have them alongside you and your family.

  • cwinwc

    I’m feeling that “separation pain” as well my Brother. God bless your elders as they minister to the ones who do most of the ministering in your community of faith.

  • Elaine Caudle

    Have been in Ellen’s shoes (women feel differently than men about these things). It is a very hard thing to go through. You are so fortunate to have these men of faith at your side. God bless you all and prayers will continue.

  • Sonny Owens

    Thanks Keith, I needed that about elders (Shepherds) and children. We can pray together. Jackie and I are having a difficult time ourselves. Our children are grown and gone from the house. It still is hard when they “get” grown. Mistakes will be made. Mistakes may be sinful choices.

    On the elder side I struggle with leadership more than (almost) anything in my ministry. I have elders that have been better to me than any before. I have had good men that have been good to me at all 3 congregations I have worked with. These men have made me more a part of the work than any others.

    Thanks for what you have shared with me. Right now I will pray for you and Ellen and all your family. When you read this pray f0r my family. God is healing and working in our family but we need prays.

  • Meowmix

    It is one of God’s greatest blessings to be able to share our burdens with others of faith. I am so thankful to be part of this blogging family, even at a small level. You and your family will be in my prayers. May He bless you all with peace, comfort, guidance, and healing. And to have elders who didn’t wait for you to come to them but INVITED you to share with them, that is truly a blessing that not everyone has. I am so thankful that you do.

  • Swindle

    I have known these sheppards for 17 years now. These precious servents are not perfect for they follow Jesus and that is what is important. I know these guys love 1. God 2. Thier church family 3. And have a real burden towards reaching out to our community. If I have a problem I know I can go to any of these men and they will listen. The guys are true shepards.

  • Marnie

    Hey, We also know what you’re going through with the kids growing up. As you know our oldest is also moving on and wanting to move out! Not sure how she plans to do that at the moment but we’re not looking forward to it when she figures it out. We’re here for you guys as fellow travelers on the road to graduating children from the home. This morning when you said, “I wonder where I’ll be in another 5 years,” I thought,” you will soon be,if not already, empty nesters. ” They really should come up with a different name than that. Glad our shepherds were aware and attentive to your needs. They truly are a wonderful blessing as you and your family are.

  • Christian

    Good Day 🙂 God is Love, May you experience God’s Love this Day, may we really learn to Praise him in all things 🙂 Lets Share God’s Love today 🙂 You are Loved!

  • Sonny Owens

    Missed you at HCU this week.

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