Carnival Sunday

It seems impossible that a year has gone by since our last Carnival at Creekside, but it is so true.  Last Sunday we enjoyed a day of service to the community by having the 2007 Creekside Community Carnival.

We had a hay ride, horseback rides, games in several booths, free concessions with hot dogs, chips and dip, cotton candy, and drinks.  We had Water Wheel Homemade Ice Cream.  We had our huge obstacle course, and two smaller blow-up toys for toddlers.  We even had Maple Leaf the Clown who was awesome. 

God blessed us with beautiful warm weather.  We had, at best count from registration, nearly 500 people come through the day.  There was no admission, no cost for food or rides–it is all free to the community.  I heard comments like, “This is our fair each year” and “Thanks so much for having this free of charge.”  People simply can’t believe that there are no strings attached to such an event.  Some will even ask how such a small group of people can put on such a huge event.  The answer to that is that we don’t do it–God does.  We just simple let Him use us in this way.  That’s the way I want to end this blog–that is to say, “Thanks” to our heavenly Father who allows us to be His feet and hands in this world.


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