Francis Pardue 1932-2007

That name, “Francis Pardue” doesn’t mean anything to probably all of you who read this blog.  I knew her simply as Mrs. Pardue.  She was my fifth grade teacher at Weeden Elementary in 1975.  I had lots of great teachers in elementary school and junior high school at Weeden.  Some of my fondest memories are of that time in my life.

Mrs. Pardue passed away this week after dealing a long time with Alzheimers.  She was one of those people who made a life long impact on the people with whom she came in contact.  That was no less true for me.  At 43 years of age I still remember her as loving and kind to all of us.  I felt like she was more of a grandmother type than just a teacher.  She was fair with all of us and never played favorites.

She was of such character that she helped me do my class work after I broke my arm that year.  I remember her patience, kindness, and humor as she worked with me through that difficult time.  I’m right handed and that’s the arm I broke.  She involved other students and let them learn how to help a person when they were unable to help themselves.  She told me instead of an “A” she was going to give me an “E” for effort.

The world is an emptier place now that she’s gone.  Though I don’t remember the last time I saw her, I will still miss her and the love that she brought with her life to others.  Our prayers are with her family.


6 responses to “Francis Pardue 1932-2007

  • Donna

    I had a few of those teachers too! Thanks for reminding me how blessed those years were.

  • Greg England

    I don’t remember names, but can still barely see faces of my elementary teachers. I do remember my 6th grade teacher very well. At our end-of-year party, a girl in our class drowned. Mr. Brady felt so guilty over her death (totally accidental) that he never taught again … and he was a great teacher. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Greg England

    And don’t wait so long to blog again!!!

  • Meowmix

    Our teachers have such a huge part in shaping our lives. It’s so good to have memories of a truly caring one. So glad you shared your memories of one of your special ones. May God bless her family.

    As an aside, I believe we have two of those special kinds of teachers within our blog community. A tip of the hat to Steve and Cecil!

  • cwinwc

    Thanks Judy. Thanks Keith for sharing Mrs. Pardue with us. We all need “Mrs. Pardues” in our lives.

  • jel

    sorry to hear that, Keith.
    there R a few teachers that have a special place in my heart!

    sorry for bee~in rude , but your 43 ?
    thought we were about the same age.
    I feel reallly old now!!!!!! 😦

    u can delete this if ya want ! 😉

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