Trunk or Treat

As a kid growing up we had a blast at Halloween.  Nothing was ever thought of like “Satan’s birthday” or “witchery” or the such -like.  It was a fun holiday where we got all the candy we could eat–which was enough to make us sick at times.  Later on we pulled pranks on our youth minster at church or our friends at school.

Of all things I did during this time of year, no one in my family or around me would have ever thought that the church would provide trick or treaters a place to be on Wednesday night other than a Bible class.  Well, that happened tonight at Creekside.  We had our first ever “Trunk or Treat.”  It’s not a new idea by any stretch, but it was a new event for us.

We started at 5:30PM with hot dogs and fixins and at 6:30 we began seeing the little children come through for candy.  It was awesome.  We had about 20 cars or so in our little parking lot and many of our people visited with people in the community and gave out candy to the kids.  We had “church” in the parking lot by being family to one another and providing a service to our community.  I pray that God uses it to His glory. 


6 responses to “Trunk or Treat

  • jel

    sounds like it would have been fun 😉

    have a great day!

  • Meowmix

    No doubt He will!

  • Donna

    Change is a wonderful thing…when the heart is right! Sounds like you all had a wonderful night.

  • Randy

    Great job brother! The church here in Stockton has been holding such an event for quite a few years. We actually have families from our school join us and we open up the gates to the neighborhood.

    My attitude regarding halloween resonates with those who point to “plundering the egyptians” as precedent for helping the kids gather as much candy as possible.

  • cwinwc

    For several years now we’ve had a “Family Cookout” along with “Trunk or Treat” at our church. This year we added a “West Cocoa” style hay ride as well.

    I believe our “trunk” won first place with myself, dressed as an elder operating a fog machine.

  • Neva

    I think the devil had trick or treat long enough and it is time we take it for the Lord! Outreach has to be outside the traditional Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday night stuff. Good job!


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