Lunch With The Puckster

The day before yesterday I received a phone call from one we all know and love, Steve Puckett.  He is in town visiting with his mom.  Ellen and I got to enjoy lunch with our good brother yesterday.  Thanks Steve for calling and meeting up with us.  I hope that we can all get together at Pepperdine this coming year.  Maybe Greg will let us come and work at the funeral home installing some kind of death apparatus.


On a serious note, please pray for Jody Hanback.  He was involved in a car accident this morning on the way to work and is in the hospital in serious condition.  He is the nephew of the Sheila Swindle, Charlie’s wife who comments on this blog many times.  We are praying for Jody Charlie. 

Also pray for Sharon’s (“harleyrider” to our blog world) mother, Reba Draper, who is not doing as well. 

My grandmother, Omie Jones, is in the hospital here locally and has pneumonia.

Thanks for all of your encouragements and prayers.


6 responses to “Lunch With The Puckster

  • Meowmix

    Thanks so much for an opportunity to pray for these people. Most of the time, I go to my computer as soon as I’m up and dressed, and so often, it becomes an altar of prayer. What a privilege and comfort to pray for others.

  • Greg England

    I hope you do make it out to Pepperdine and to our neck of the desert (to mis-coin a phrase if, in fact, mis-coin is a word). I know Cecil plans to come out for a day or two.

    As for making it public knowlege that you’ve been associating with a known heretic / lunatic such as the Puckster … I don’t think I’d-a done that if I was you.

    Jan and I took your grandmother (and Mamie) to church for years during my “Kilburn days” and always loved her very much. Please tell her we send our love and best wishes. Will be in prayer for all you mentioned.

  • Greg England

    P. S. I meant to say every time we use that body lift, we are very thankful to you and Cecil for spending what must have seemed to you like a half a day in our attic!

  • Brooke

    Hi! I googled Jody’s name and found you also had a prayer request going for him!
    I work with Jody and we are all praying for him to pull through this!!!

  • Swindle

    Good News from Jody. He had his first of 4 or more surgerys. He still has a LONG way to go but with love and support all will be well. Thanks for the prayers and concern Swindle

  • Steve

    I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch and plan to be at P’dine this year. See you there.


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