Humbling Experience

Mom called last night and asked if I could come to the hospital and look after grandmother for a while.  She said she needed me around 7am. 

I am here now as I write this.  Grandmother is resting easy at the moment.  She just finished her breakfast.  It’s not every day one gets to feed their grandmother breakfast.  To me it was an humbling experience.  I usually don’t do well with these kinds of things.  But this morning it was somewhat easy to do.

I guess one of the reasons it’s humbling to do this for her is because of her situation.  At 88 years of age she is living in the nursing home now and has to have nearly everything done for her.  Simple things like dressing herself, walking, going to the restroom, and feeding herself are things that she can’t do any more.  It can be really tough to watch.

I remember my grandmother teaching me how to plant things in the garden.  She took care of the garden by herself growing corn, cucumbers, peas, beans, tomatoes, pepper, ocra, and more.  I remember a completely independant woman.  She outlived two  husbands and lived completly in control, running the house business to perfection.  She was heavily involved in church ladies’ organizations, drove herself everwhere, and even would pick up friends that she hung out with to drive them places because they were too feeble to do so themselves.  She went to church socials and participated in them with excitement.  She gathered the family together around Thanksgiving and Christmas and helped cook (her fresh garden corn was the best) and serve the meals. 

Thoug it’s tough to see her this way, I consider it an honor to help her.  I pray that God take care of her because she has taken care of others for a long time.  God bless our elderly.


4 responses to “Humbling Experience

  • Neva

    For the past year, I worked in a nursing home. It is indeed a humbling experience. My prayer life has changed because of the elderly residents and my encounters with them. I continually ask God to help me grow old gracefully and beautifully, like so many of my new friends have.


  • Donna

    Your Grandmother sounds like a great woman! I know you are priveledged to be able to serve her as she has served so many. I will say a prayer for you both.

  • Meowmix

    God bless you for your serving heart and your love for your grandmother. It IS so hard to watch the physical deterioration of those we love, especially when they have been independent servers of others themselves. I may be displaying a lack of faith, but I fear this time in my own life. I pray I can be a good “receiver.”

  • cwinwc

    God bless you for taking care of a woman who took care of so many in her lifetime.

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