Changed Expectations

Expectations of Thanksgiving include things like turkey and dressing, family get-togethers, joy, football, and a thankful heart to God for all of my blessings.  We fully expect the day to go well.

That didn’t happen to some extent for our Thanksgiving day.  It began with my mom calling this morning with news that she had injured her leg somehow while trying to get some cookware down out of a cabinet to prepare lunch for us.  Instead of her cooking, Ellen cooked our dinner.  She did an awesome job. 

 After the meal we decided that mom needed x-rays.  We spent a couple of hours at the ER.  She did not have any breaks and no torn ligaments as far as they could tell.  She will see her orthopedic doctor on Monday. 

She came home with us.  We had called the kids earlier to check in and thought it sounded like something was up.  It was.  They had begun putting up our Christmas lights.  They had done a beautiful job.

I thought the day would end happily ever after.  Satan was not through, however, because there was a confrontation between siblings.  It was not pretty.  I ended up saying things I should not have.  I just prayed about it with Danielle only to hear from her mouth these blessed words.  She said, “God has already forgiven you and so do I dad.”  What a moment!  There are still issues that I hope will be resolved tomorrow, but that really helped me.

Do you ever doubt your doing a good job as a parent?  Do you wonder if all that you’ve done that was right will override all that you’ve done wrong?  In the end, I guess it is still a walk of faith that God will intervene and overrule and see them through all of the mistakes we’ve made and that they will make.  It can really be difficult.

All in all, it’s been a good turkey day.  Though there are things I would like to change, I am truly thankful for my wonderful wife and four beautiful children.  I am thankful for God’s grace and mercy and forgiveness.


6 responses to “Changed Expectations

  • Donna

    that parent thing…never seems to get easier. But glimpses of really good people that are my children make me smile…because I know they have reached that in spite of me.

  • Greg England

    If this is the only time you’ve had this happen, you are a blessed man! I lost count of the times I blew it as a parent and asked my children for forgiveness. By God’s grace, they always forgave me.

  • Keith Davis

    Greg, I could only dream that this be my first time. And you’re exactly right about the forgiveness of my children.

    Thanks, too, Donna for reminding me that my children are good. They are not above mistakes, but they are wonderful.

  • Meowmix

    Your day is a manifestation of life as it truly is………..hills and valleys, ups and downs, frustrations and joys, and failures and successes. Kids who were putting up Christmas lights while you were with your mom sound like awfully good kids. And I know their dad has a heart of gold! 🙂 Hope your mom is okay.

  • cwinwc

    These “last days” with the kiddos can be stressful times. Although not fun for them at times, I think our kids in a strange way, appreciate us when we react with “passion” as long as it’s tempered by cooler heads later. The serendipity is when their head cools off quicker than ours.

  • Neva

    Your children have obviously been taught by example how to forgive—that will help them so much in adulthood.


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