Back To School

I remember bragging to my children one day that “I will never have to go back to school in my life!”  This of course came after their moaning and groaning about school.  It was probably test day or the first day back after a long vacation when they said that.  I never groaned about school.  OUCH!  Was that a lightning bolt?!!

If you were to judge by the last several days you would think I had gone back to school.  Brandon had to revise a research paper and guess who got to help.  Yep, that’s me…the English whiz–ha!.  Of all the things I struggled with in high school, English was not one of them.  Therefore, I had to brush up on the old MLA Style of Writing Handbook and help him with his revision.  I just hope WE get a good grade.  I even went with him to turn it in.  I was quite proud.

The last several weeks we have been studying History as well.  Danielle has what I would consider the most important test of her high school days tomorrow.  It’s her graduation exam.  I think it’s about the most unfair rule in school to have to pass this silly exam.  Basically a student can have a 4.0 in all of their course work and fail the graduation exam and not walk the stage to receive a diploma.  That really stinks.  Just to let you know the pressure, Danielle has this and one more chance in March, should she fail, to take this test and pass it.

Danielle has struggled for several years now with taking tests.  Most of them are written in “scan-tron” format.  You know the tests where you have multiple choice answers and a card with hundreds of lines of dots to blacken.  Since she began having seizures, Danielle has trouble with those lines.  And you guessed it—the grad exam is in scan-tron format.  It almost has to have something to do with her seizures because before that she was A-B Honor Roll.

She has studied until her brain is about to fall out.  I gave her a mock test today.  She missed only 10 out of 112 questions.  That’s awesome.  She has already passed Reading, Math, Science, and English.  History is the final hurdle. 

I got home tonight and asked her how the studying was coming.  Mom said, “She has about had it.  We’ve studied all we are going to for this test.”  Danielle replied, “Yep, dad, I’m leaving it in God’s hands.”  I think those are great hands in which to leave her, don’t you?  I also am proud to hear my senior in high school make that kind of faith remark.

One other side note to this story.  Tonight one of our elders came by the house to pray with Danielle about the test.  I think that is a true shepherd.  How blessed we are to be at Creekside!

I ask you (as if I had to ask) my blog family to please pray for Danielle tomorrow.  She begins the testing at about 8:30AM on Friday, December 7.  Some of you may not read this until after that.  If so pray for the results.  We won’t know until January 4th.  That’s a long wait.  Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts and prayers.


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