Danielle’s Strength

In our particular school system we have in place an exit exam for all of our students called the graduation exam.  A student can pass all of her core classes and fail any one part of this exam and not graduate.  They must pass the Math, English, Science, Reading, and History portions of the test.  They begin taking this exam at the beginning of their sophomore year.  Danielle had passed all but the History portion of her test and last November took it with only two more chances to pass it.  We learned yesterday that she did not pass the test.

For some reason, and we think it is due to her seizures in some way (and so does her doctor), Danielle has had a problem testing using the scan-tron testing method for the past couple of years.  This is the method for this particular exam and it can’t be changed.  She barely passed her Science portion of the test due to this.  Now she has had to make a very tough choice.  Stay in school this semester, take the grad exam once more, and try to pass or withdraw and home-school for this semester and graduate through Creekside Academy (a home-school covering at our church).  Home-school does not require an exit exam.

Though the test is offered once more for her, Danielle has decided to withdraw and finish through homeschool.  Please pray for her and this decision.  It has taken some of the pressure off as far as the exam is concerned, however, she is worried about not walking across the stage in May with all of her friends whom she has gone to school with all of her life.  In ten years that may not matter, but for now, it’s a tough choice for her.

Danielle is strong.  She will survive this and go on to get her diploma.  She can still go to college if she wants.  She will even have an experience that most students don’t.  Her dad will get to present her with her diploma. 

We are trying to look at the blessings of this and she is much stronger about it than her mom and dad.  Please pray for her and us. 


7 responses to “Danielle’s Strength

  • Donna

    My daughter learned in a non-typical way as well. She struggled in school her whole life. She chose to home school as well and ultimately opted to get a GED instead of a diploma. As you state, I struggled with it all much more than she did.

    I am sure Danielle will do great. She has a leg up on facing adversity that will serve her well. You will all be in my prayers.

  • Marnie

    Danielle is very blessed to have you and Ellen as parents. Your willingness to involve her in this decision shows how much you love her. It takes a lot of courage to make a change like this and I will pray that God strengthens you all for the challenge.

  • cwinwc

    Don’t get me started on our school system. The rush to accountability has sent it (in my opinion after 28 years of teaching) out of control. It runs right over kids such as Danielle who just 15 years ago would have probably been a star student sans the exit exams.

    May God give her a long range outlook on life for she will be successful and this little chapter in her life although painful can be overcome.

  • Greg England

    Our educational system never ceases to amaze me. Put that program in place and damn the students … it is, after all, THE SYSTEM that matters!

    You are right, years from now it won’t matter, but peer pressure and relationships are very strong at this point in her life.

  • Meowmix

    My prayers are with Danielle and you and Ellen, as well. It’s easy for someone to sit by and say this is just a speed bump for her, but as others have said, even though it’s difficult now, perhaps in a few years it won’t matter. I’m so sorry anyone’s school system is like this and outstanding people like your daughter have to pay the price. May God bless all of you. I know He will.

  • Keith Davis

    Thanks to you all for being there for us. I love you all and your encouragement. Ellen says thanks too. Danielle is going to be fine. I know that. God is good all the time!!

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