Grandmother’s Funeral Service

Thanks so much to all of you, my blog family.  Your thoughts are worth so much to me.  To know that there are people out there like you guys who offer prayers and support for me and my family is a blessing that is almost indescribable.

The funeral services went so well for my grandmother.  It started with some wonderful singers.  Randy, Mechele, Mitch, and Laura have sung at my dad’s funeral and now my grandmother’s.  They are great singers and musicians that I have had the privilege to play music with for many years now.  Their harmonies are just awesome!  Their friendship is invaluable.

Randall, my cousin, is not a public speaker normally, but you couldn’t tell it yesterday.  He was confident and was able to hold his composure so well.  I told him that I was proud of him and that grandmother would have been too.  He told a story that I had never heard about my grandmother.  It was a private conversations they had together one day.  He told about her desire to go and be with Jesus and that she had told him so one day.  After he left the nursing home, he put in a new cassette tape.  Something was unusual about this tape.  When he broke the seal on the plastic wrapping, the tape had not be rewound to the beginning at the factory, but was strangely in the middle of the tape.  He put the tape in and the song that began to play (though I don’t remember the title) was a song about going home to be with Jesus.  He said he became so emotional that he had to pull over to the side of the road.  He made the point that even in grandmother’s very sick state, she reminded him that day of how important it was to desire to see Jesus.  What a wonderful moment for him and now for us.

I talked about lots of things in my part of the funeral.  I talked about her cooking, her gardening, her friendships with the people at Woodlawn church.  I spoke memories that I had as a child.  One thing that God put on my heart was grace.  Many people came up to me and made the statement, “If Omie (that’s my grandmother’s name) don’t make it to heaven, the rest of us might as well quit.”  Some would say things like, “She was such a wonderful person, there’s no doubt where she is.”  I think she was a wonderful person too and I know they were being nice about her, but I wanted make the point that being a wonderful person is not the reason I have hope about my grandmother.  I explained to the audience that our ability to do good has nothing to do with our salvation.  It’s all the grace of God.  The grace of God compels us to do good, but God gets the glory for my salvation and I really have nothing but faith and trust in Him to take care of that for me.

My grandmother was not perfect at all, but to me she was a woman of strength, faith, and unbelievable tenacity and courage.  We will miss her, but we have confidence in Christ’s blood enough to know that we will be with her again.  That’s what makes me smile today.

I love you all.


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