New Beginnings At Creekside

Life is filled with new beginnings.  My last post about Trent is a story of new beginnings.  By the way, thanks for all of your responses on that post.  It really was encouraging.

We have been at Creekside for more than five years now and in so many ways it seems like we are just beginning.  I guess there are many reasons for that.  One of those reasons being the growth that has had to take place in me and Ellen in order for us to work in an environment of grace and mercy as opposed to rules oriented religion.  Another of those reasons I think is the work of building relationships.  I began my teaching and preaching at Creekside thinking that is was all about my charisma and my abilities.  I now know that ministry is centered in building long lasting relationships both from within the church family and in the community that surrounds it.

Learning this whole idea of journey has really helped me to see that new beginnings can happen over and over again.  That’s why I’m excited to tell you that Creekside has just stepped out on faith and brought on board the staff a couple to work with our teens.  It has been an interesting story.  Jason and Erica are two wonderful people who sought us out after dealing with a very difficult situation in a local church.  God has prepared them through hardship to come and work with us in an environment of freedom and love.  They began their journey with us last Sunday morning.  They have three wonderful little children–Bayli(8), Gage(4), and Rylee(7 mos.) (I’m not sure on any of those spellings).  They are kingdom minded and want to encourage our teens to be as well. 

Our church family is about as excited as I have seen them.  It is a wonderful time to be at Creekside.   I know that Satan is plotting right now to see how he can disrupt our ministry for Jesus.  Please pray for this new beginning.  We are ready for the kingdom of Christ to come into our community.  Pray for our shepherds as we grow that we continue to pursue Christ in all that we do.  They are wonderful leaders and are led by the Holy Spirit of God.  I am looking forward to what God has in store for us. 


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