Prayers for Trent

Sometimes we have to make decisions after naming the name of Jesus and beginning to follow Him that we don’t like to make based on our former life.  Being in Christ doesn’t always mean that the consequences of our “old selves” will just go away.  If you read this blog much, you remember blog before last “Wet Hugs.”  It was about my cousin and new brother in Christ, Trent.

Without giving any details, I’m asking you to pray for our new brother.  He has to make a decision tomorrow to do the right thing that will cause events to take place that people who don’t know the situation might misunderstand.  Nevertheless, he must do the “next right thing.”

I am very proud of Trent.  God may be calling him to put himself in a peculiar situation in order to glorify Him.  I have challenged Trent to be God’s man no matter what happens.  It could be a temptation from Satan to move away from Jesus.  Trent tells me that Satan will not win this battle. 

I pray that Trent be delivered from any further consequences, but if He doesn’t choose this in His will, I pray God protect Trent.  Just please pray for him.  I know you all will. 


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