Prayers Answered Yes

It took a few hours of prayer and lots of inner strength for Trent to turn himself into the authorities, but WOW did God ever show up and deliver him. 

I cried all the way to the jail cell with Trent day before yesterday when we had to take him to the DA’s office.  We talked about God’s deliverance and that if God chose for him to spend sometime in jail for him to be God’s man wherever he was placed.  In a sense, that was easier for me to say than for Trent to act out in his young faith walk with God.  Sometimes it’s hard to give the advice you know is best for someone when you know it’s going to cause them temporary pain if they follow, yet God led all of us and Trent to this decision.  The events of yesterday are certainly confirmation of that and a testimony to nothing else but God’s power in this world.

There are lots of details I can’t go into or this blog would be longer than I would want to type or you to read, but there were people in place and events that happened yesterday that could not have possibly been orchestrated by any of us going into this situation. 

We began the morning with a visit to the first court we thought Trent was to go through.  After calling the docket, Trent’s name was not mentioned.  (SIDE NOTE:  We would later find out that Trent was not on any docket for the day.)  Trent had told me that word came to him that he was supposed to be there.  I left the court room to investigate.  While checking on things, I just “happened” to run into a guy dressed in a suit and looking like a lawyer, but also looking very familiar to me.  I asked how I knew him.  He told me that he comes to our church building on Tuesdays and plays basketball with some of our guys.  He was an attorney who really knew his business.

When he heard my story he began to work with us in a way that was totally unexpected by us and without which help we could not have succeeded in jumping through the hoops we did to free Trent.  He worked all through the day with us–making time when he did not have the time.  What a blessing!  He knew everything there was to know about how we could get Trent freed up so that he could go to work and pay his debt on the outside.

All day long I ran into people whom I knew who helped secure Trent’s freedom.  The last of which was at the detention center.  We had one more hurdle to jump with a city warrant from way back that Trent need to see about.  While trying to find out how we were going to pay the bond of $1000.00, a lady I knew from the days of youth ministry “happened” into the room.  She asked why we were there and I told her the whole story.  She said, “I know who you are and that you will make sure Trent makes his court date.  You don’t have to pay the money for his release.”  Awesome!  We signed the papers a left.  This morning I went to the jail and picked up a very happy and relieved Trent.

He is somehow different though.  As he was leaving the jail, one of the other prisoners asked the question, “Who do you know?”  He asked as if to find out what person Trent knew who could make things happen so fast.  Trent said, “All I could think of to say was, ‘God!'”  He’s exactly right!  Trent told me that his eyes have been so opened to God and how he can work.  I made the point that even if God had decided to let him stay in jail, He would still be God.  I think that’s important to learn, but we must Give Him the praise for all of this great event in Trent’s life.

None of the events of yesterday (lots of details I’m leaving out even) could have happened without God’s intervention in the day.  That’s the message I think God wants us to see.  Trent did a hard, but right thing in turning himself in.  In this case, God chose to show His mighty strength in His deliverance.  I hope that Trent can give this testimony to the church someday–maybe even Sunday.

Please continue to pray for Trent’s journey and the hundreds of others just like him.  We at Creekside stand ready to let God work through our family with people of every background and need.  I feel like we are beginning a time when we will see more and more people come to Jesus and it’s the most exciting thing in the world to see!

Thanks for your prayers and your loving comments. 


5 responses to “Prayers Answered Yes

  • Donna

    what a wonderful testimony. It is a beautiful thing to see God work through his people…in ways no one can explain. What a faith booster for Trent!

  • Meowmix

    It is humbling to read about Trent’s deliverance, and it warms my heart. Many prayers were answered. Thanks for sharing this story. Not only does it make me very, very happy and thankful for Trent and for you, but it reaffirms my convictions that God DOES truly intervene in the affairs of our life even today. I will continue to pray for Trent’s strength and his growth. Give him a hug from me.

  • That Girl

    I like ‘yes’ answers! Especially when you can’t really see ’em coming!

  • cwinwc

    Way to go God! What a powerful story. Let Trent know that he has a brother in Central Florida who is rooting for him to be God’s man no matter where he ends up.
    BTW – Thank you for being God’s man at Creekside.

  • Swindle

    All the Praise and credit go to our wonderful God!

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