Is It Worth It?

If you read my last blog, you know that right now I’m a little frustrated with trying to be an influence to those who still take a more legalistic view of the scriptures.  I am not angry at anyone, just frustrated. 

Finding freedom in Jesus is something one wants to share.  To be set free from the bondage of the idea of law-keeping and enjoy the motivation of grace as that which compels us toward good works is something that there isn’t enough money in the world to try and buy back. 

My question to my blog family is this.  Is there really any worth to trying to bring over those who don’t want to come to this place of freedom?  Is it really worth the effort to try and get people to understand the fact that God wants relationships and not robots?

Just when I think I want to try again, something happens and a Pharisee crops up his head.  A judgemental legalist shows up and wants to fight.  It’s so frustrating.

Now before those of you who read this blog  and are on the side of rules oriented religion and not grace tell me that I’m an arrogant liberal who thinks he knows everything, please understand that I don’t know everything.  I am not an elitist.  I really am sincerely wanting to help.  I want you to know the “whys” of where I am.  It’s too exciting to keep a secret.  However, I’m tired of trying on your turf.  I accept you just as you are.  I believe that God’s grace is sufficient for all of our mistakes.  I just feel for you so much.  I want you to live in freedom in Christ.

So here’s what I offer.  I offer you my prayers–sincere prayers that God will bless you in your ministry for Him.  I want to share this joy with you.  I am here and want to talk at any convenience.  

For all those who read this and know the freedom in Christ I’m talking about, I ask you to share in the comments about what that means to you.  How can you help in the quest that we all share to reach out and touch someone else with grace and mercy?


15 responses to “Is It Worth It?

  • That Girl

    I feel your pain however, some people are just not open to other thoughts. Just as we don’t want to be called arrogant liberals, they don’t want to be told that they need help. God’s grace DOES cover all of us.

    “When you knock on a door, be courteous in your greeting. If they welcome you, be gentle in your conversation. If they don’t welcome you, quietly withdraw. Don’t make a scene. Shrug your shoulders and be on your way. You can be sure that on Judgment Day they’ll be mighty sorry—but it’s no concern of yours now.

    Matthew 10:12-15

    Keep up the good work, Keith.

  • Donna

    Just today I was lamenting the fact that so many of our heritage is so “closed minded” especially when it comes to fellowshipping believers who believe a little differently. I hate it when I am ashamed of my tradition, but frequently find myself feeling so. Freedom is a novel concept and a situation that can not be grasped when folks are convinced that their way IS the highway!!

  • Marnie

    To answer your question “Is it worth it?” , Yes !!!
    Enough so that that is why God sent us Jesus. There have been countless people down through time who have rejected this freedom you are talking about. But there have also been countless others who have accepted and are enjoying it. Remember, Satan wants to keep as many as possible in the dark about freedom so as to stifle revival. He will come at you with frustration, hurt feelings, pain, lost relationships or anything he can to quinch this effort on your part. We MUST
    continue the fight and run the race. If there wasn’t a war there would be no need for peace. Hang in there brother. It’s good that we have a Christian family to help us along the way so when we are tired and weary we can blog and receive encouragement. Also, as much a I would like to see those christians that still feel bound by law to experience what freedom feels like, there are many who still need to know Jesus for the first time. It might be a good idea to thwart our efforts in that direction. But not give up on the other.

  • Greg England

    YES, YES, YES!!! It’s worth it because the alternative is horrible. And yes, the legalists and Pharisees will always be around. Jesus said if they treated him that way, why should we expect any different … but he never wavered on the love and grace of the Father and taught stories that not only infuriated the Jews, it drove them to kill him! How can we do less once we discover grace?

  • Sonny Owens

    Keith you talk a lot about being part of a grace oriented church and those who (are not enlightened as you) are works oriented. You wrote, “Just when I think I want to try again, something happens and a Pharisee crops up his head. A judgemental legalist shows up and wants to fight. It’s so frustrating.”

    That sounds like a lot of judgment and legalism.

    You talk about freedom. You talk as if others (such as myself) that we don’t know freedom. My brother, I do know freedom and I do understand grace. You know where I preach and you know us well. But what you do not know is that we are a grace oriented church. Wen struggle with a lot of things and we struggle with issues, yes we do. But we are grace oriented.

    Guess what? You follow rules. Your faith is as rule oriented as my faith. We have the rule of scripture. You have made some major decisions regarding what you will do and not do. So have I. We stand opposed often. I know that you love me and I certainly love you, brother.

    You made your choices about faith. You also criticize others as much if not more than many you say mistreat you. At HCU you will show up when there are (free thinkers). But you will not show when you think there are rule oriented (legalist) brethren.

    Grace is not, I am aright and you are alright regardless of what you do, say and believe.

    Grace is God’s gift of salvation to sinful man through the person of Jesus Christ. You know and I know that there are rules (or whatever word you want to put in its place) that we must follow. We must follow the rule of scripture.

    We have both decided not to fight. So stop fighting.
    I always look forward to seeing you. I always appreciate your hugs and handshakes. I don’t want that to change but I do not agree with your attitude towards those that oppose you because you oppose others equally as strong.

  • Keith Davis

    Thanks to all of you for your comments. God’s grace and peace be with you all.

  • Ellen Davis

    Let us never forget the words of 1 Corinthians 13. I do not think anyone can misunderstand these words. Whether we agree or disagree we are all to have love one for another. It would do us all well to read this chapter everyday and replace the word “love” with our name and see if we are really being the person God has called us to be. My love to all.

  • Tabitha Davis

    I love you daddy. I agree with you 100%. It does get very frustrating trying to deal with these things. So much in fact, that I want to give up. I try to share God’s love and grace with people who don’t want to hear it. We are all on our own journey is what I have to constantly remind myself. I learned that from you and mom. : ) I feel so blessed to have never had to feel held back in any way. I love that I can love God the way I want to and know that He loves me no matter what. There are really only three things to worry about on this earth. We are to Love God, Love Others and Serve. Don’t listen to the harsh words of others. It is simply the devil trying to creep into the church and steal you’re joy again. You are one of the strongest people I know(besides mom lol) so is it worth it???? YES! NEVER give up on what you believe in. I love you daddy. Thanks for all you do!

  • Greg England

    You took a beating from Owens … what’s up with him??

  • Keith Davis

    I have thought about your comments all day. At first I decided to not say anything, but I have now decided to say something.

    I really wasn’t talking about you in this particular blog, though apparently you’ve taken it very personally. For that I’m sorry. You have taken personally something that was not even aimed at you or for that matter any person in particular. You say I’m judgmental and a legalist. That just is not true. I believe the same grace that covers me covers all of Jesus’s followers.

    You mentioned HCU not me. I’m talking about a spirit that exists in general mostly and in some specifically. I’m auditing a class that you said you were proud to have me in at that school right now.

    I see your church family as a loving bunch of people who are trying to serve God in the community. I called you and told you of the things I really appreciate that you are doing. When have you done that for Creekside?

    I have made an effort over and over again to reach out to my more conservative (for lack of a better term) brothers. I have done this on numerous times when there were no “free thinkers” in the room or the building only to be torn down by judgmental comments.

    When have any of those on the “truth” side of things ever reached out to me personally? When I went to Creekside there were none of my brothers who tried to come and help me understand the way of God. There were no brethren who reached out. I was completely “cut off” not because I believed any differently, but because I was at a different place in a different building. What ever happened to the concept of “restoring such a one?”

    I’ve asked you this question before, but how would you feel to suddenly, without question you were cut off from your “friends” and “brothers?” In the five years I’ve been at Creekside NOT ONE of my preaching brothers who disagrees with what I’ve done have come to my office to speak with me about my so-called heresy. Only one has contacted me and that was by letter.

    I have reached out at the preachers’ luncheon, in the HCU Alumni, in many of your offices. I have visited your churches, visited the sick, visited and sang at funerals and attended weddings of people who will treat me one way in public–loving on me and talking good to me–only to find out that they participated in backbiting and gossip about which things they no nothing! Our church has been lied about in so many ways that it would make your head swim if I told you all of them.

    I have talked to elderships about why they won’t have me to speak in their meetings anymore only to be told that their decisions to not let me speak were based in politics and not in biblical truth. One elder said, “There’s politics in everything I guess.”

    I thank God that He has led me to this place in my thinking. I am excited to be in a church family where I can be myself and not have to put on a face every Sunday. I’m happy to be in the grace of God not depending upon ANY rules to save me. I stand with the apostles who preached “Christ crucified” and nothing else.

    If that sounds arrogant, then so-be-it. It is not of my doing to do anything good. I will let Jesus stand in my place since that is what He came for. I will speak when the Holy Spirit inspires me to speak and I will bask in the relationship I have with my heavenly Father who loves me warts and all!! Praise be His Holy Name!!

    Remember this my brother–I love you and pray that God blesses your ministry for Him and to good work you do. Please please know that.

  • Meowmix

    It’s a journey, and everyone is not at the same milestone. I so agree with Ellen’s comments. Love says it all.

  • Greg England

    Regarding “rules” and rule-keeping. There is a vast difference between being obedient out of a heart of love and submission to Christ (responding to his grace and mercy) and keeping religious rules. Paul was adamant that we cannot be saved by any set of rules (Rom. 3:28). For that matter, the entire letter to the Romans!

  • Sonny Owens

    Keith, I have thought about my response too. I did not take it that you were talking about me but I did take it that I was included. I wish I had not responded because even though it is the Internet it becomes personal. I did not say what I said to be harsh or mean. Though reading it myself it has that tone. I should have talked to you personally. When you went to Creekside I did talk to you and you assured me that you knew exactly what you were doing. I have never failed to greet you and I did call you personally when I was hosting the preachers luncheon.

    You have been hurt and I am sorry for that. I responded to your criticism. It doesn’t matter whether consv. or progr. we have all said and acted out of frustration. Your blog was negative and showed a lack of tolerance as I was also.

    For many years I have loved your family (all your family). I regret that I have hurt them and made them mad.

    You mentioned “a spirit that exists in general.” Again, we all (consv. or progr) have short fuses. I can’t talk of others until I do better myself.

    You said, “I was completely “cut off” not because I believed any differently.” You do believe differently. Just the other day a brother out of town asked about you and he said, “not just long ago at Freed Keith would say, ‘I can’t do that.'”

    When I say I love you it is not just words but from my heart. We do disagree on things but we also agree on many things.

    I ask for your forgiveness for my response. You are my brother and I wish for that to continue.

  • That Girl

    This ol’ Florence girl is blessed to see two brothers come together over what they can agree on rather than be divided over what they don’t agree on. I want both of you to know that I appreciate your honesty.

    I’ve thought about this SO much today and I’ve realized that, as much as I love this medium, there’s nothing like a face to face, heart to heart talk!

  • Jason Cacyuk

    Can’t we all just get along and agree to disagree on the things that don’t matter. these things that we disagree over are not getting us any closer to heaven or saving any souls in the process. lets quit majoring in the minors for the work is plenty. “scripture doea not teach all the opposing views that christians hold onto. after the grave, we will leave our divisions here along with every other sinful thing.

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