Winterfest Blog

Today I blog from the balcony of the Gatlinburg Chateau.  I would post a picture, but I forgot the cord I need to offload pictures from my camera.  Oh well!  The temperature is 47 degrees headed toward a high of 60!  That’s warmer than back home south of here.

The session last night was really awesome!  Jeff Walling was in his usual rare form.  What a communicator!  God has really anointed him with the gift of speaking.  What a blessing and praise God for it!!  The session last night was about “Knowing Christ.”  He used all kinds of media-speaking, drama, music, singing, video clips, and more.  They really made the whole night a seamless time dedicated to knowing Jesus and glorifying God. 

We came back to the condo for devotional.  Jason led us in a wonderful devo together.  The kids in our group shared very openly about the night and their walks with God.  It was great!

I hope to be able to give you a report again tonight.  The signal is very limited here for the Internet.  I’ve had to come outside to the corner of the balcony to do this.  So, I hope to give some more info later. 

One other thing–I talked to Cecil last night on the phone and he and Steven are due to arrive today around noon.  I pray for their safety and I look forward to seeing them.

God bless you you my blog family.


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