Winterfest Was Wonderful

Our students at Creekside, along with about 12,000 other people, now have the theme, “Know, Be, See, and Share Jesus” firmly planted in their head.  Jeff made, as he usually does, the points of the weekend come alive and placed them into our hearts in a way that makes us want to go out and conquer the world for God!  That’s the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through him.

I had an event happen in my life this weekend that I’ve never had happen in my 20 plus years of ministry.  I baptized one of our teens into Jesus Christ in a bathtub!  After the Saturday night events at Winterfest she came to us telling us that she had never been saved and that she wanted to be.  We came back to the condo and for a little while let her tell her story.  It was awesome.  Her story certainly lined up with what the message was about that day.  God’s Holy Spirit once again.  We can’t orchestrate those kinds of things!  We are not wise enough in most cases to place people in a place where they hear the right message at the right time.  Thank you God for that time in Sara’s life and allowing us to just be a part of it.

This weekend has helped me focus more on the opportunities God is giving us on a daily bases.  We must be willing to let God work through every person we see.  I have tended to categorize people–you know, stereo-typing.  I see a person who may look a certain way I don’t like and I judge them.  They may be a different color, from a different part of the world or country.  They may just dress funny, walk funny, or talk funny.  Many times I have caught myself being prejudice.  For example, I look at gay people and think, “Gross!” or worse I think of them as a separate category of lost people, when in essence, they are lost the same way I’m lost–SIN!

This weekend has helped me look at people and see Jesus.  When I look at a homeless guy, I see Jesus.  When I look at a person who smokes, I see Jesus.  When I look at a person who is addicted to gambling, I see Jesus. When I see a divorced person, I see Jesus.  How can this help?  It helps me treat them differently.  It doesn’t mean I ignore the sin and sweep it under the rug.  It just means that I deal with them where they are and treat them like somebody in order to have that opportunity to be God’s conduit so that He can use me to lift them out of the muck of life.  People did that for me.  I still have to be gotten out of it lots of times.

I really enjoyed this weekend.  I pray that God starts a mighty revival in the hearts of our people–one that will see His people rise up and be counted in our world as people who are a compassionate, caring, and  loving people with a message of eternal life!

I saw both of my kids who are in high school leave this morning and carry their Winterfest mission Bibles with them.  I pray for them as they do that they will have the wisdom and ability to share when called upon to do so!  I just got a text from one of our students who said, “I did it, I’ve already shared Jesus with five people!”  How awesome is that?!!!

Side Note:  It was really great to get to see you Cecil, my blog friend.  For those of you who haven’t seen Cecil, he’s not half the man he used to be!  He looks ten years younger with all the weight loss.  Keep it up brother.  We hope so much to come to Cocoa this summer.


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