About three months ago a few of us gathered and talked about having an event to get our teens together more often than we were.  We met with about five different church’s youth ministers and discussed it.  It was to be a monthly event with a different church hosting each month.  We decided to call it “REFUEL.”  It’s just awesome being a part of something like this again. 

When we started this, Jason and Erica, our new youth leaders were not on board.  You never would have known it by what they did to help organize and implement the whole thing.  Ellen and I are so proud to have them working with us.  We all worked together to plan and pull off a great event last night.  God is to receive all the glory for the whole event.

We had a praise team from Crosspoint church that was really wonderful.  How they led worship last night was as good as or better than any Winterfest I’ve ever been to.  The kids came out in great numbers for the event.  We used several video clips in place of a thirty minute sermon.  Each video took the young people through a gambit of emotions from total laughter to tears.  My daughter Tabitha did a great job in a monologue type skit that really had people thinking.  I knew the skit was coming and she brought me to tears.

I just want to thank through this medium the guys who helped with this event from Macedonia, Crosspoint, Shoals, and Magnolia.  I also want to thank our Creekside church family for being there and helping in every aspect of this event.  From setting up chairs, to helping serve food, to being prayer warriors, to clean up, to providing monies and food for the event, you really did awesome!

I am just overwhelmed by the whole thing.  It is exciting to see our teens worship openly toward God–just as it was done years ago when I started in youth ministry.  God was praised!  We were all lifted up toward Him and those are the things that make it all worth the effort.  It makes me feel young again. 


8 responses to “Refuel

  • Meowmix

    It’s hard to beat the energy of young people in a setting like this.

    BTW, is Ellen doing better?

  • William

    Hey Keith,
    Thank you for helping start “Refuel”. Loved it!

  • Keith Davis

    Judy, Yes Ellen is better. Her blood pressure was high so they put her on a small dose of meds for that. Thanks so much for asking.

    Will, I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. It was a great night in the Lord!!

  • Greg England

    This was very encouraging, Keith. Except (and I don’t mean to put a downer on it) that I noticed of the over 300 churches of Christ in that area, you can only count on four to come alongside of you. That’s sad, but I love Creekside and love what you’re doing and love that you are standing for freedom!!

  • Erica

    What a great night last night was. Jason and myself stayed up until about midnight talking about Refuel and throwing out new ideas for when we host it next time. Just what a great night last night was, I just cannot say enough about it. It is so great to be working with Creekside and being able to do great and awesome things that glorify and praise the Lord. Jason and myself are so pumped and excited about working somewhere where we have freedom to do great and wonderful things. God is great!!!!

  • Matthew

    Are the video clips on the net in any form. Would love to watch them.

  • Steve

    I am sure that excitement will flow over into your adults as it has with you.


  • Keith Davis

    Matthew, You can go to,, and and see lots of videos that we use at Creekside. We also used a video off of Just type in Steve Harvey in the search box and listen to his “introduction” of Christ. It’s pretty amazing.

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