New Again

“Wouldn’t it be great if all could be made new again–if all that has happened could be magically erased?”  Have you ever had those thoughts?  It seems too easy to just let it go and forgive.  Our world teaches us to hold grudges and to give great punishment to those who have hurt us.  I wonder how we would feel in any situation that we were in if we could just internalize what is found in the video below.  Why not look deep inside of you in places where grudges and hurts live and release those feelings to the only One who can take them away.  Set yourself free and make all things new again.

Please take 6 minutes and 20 seconds out of your time today and be blessed by this retelling of the good news of Jesus. 


One response to “New Again

  • Felecia

    Boy I really needed to see and hear the message that this has. Thanks for placing this on here it was AWESOME!!! Also THANKS for accepting our family the way that you have. We really love going there and Brent and I have seen such a big difference in our children the last 2 weeks and it has just been unreal the excitement we have seen in them. Thanks again to you and the whole church for the great welcome you have given us.

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