Watching My Children Grow

All of us would like to think at times that our children are perfect–that they can do no wrong.  When we really think about it, that would not be normal and life would probably be extremely boring if that were the case.  Mine are definitely not perfect.  Anyone who knows them at all knows that fact.  However, as a parent it makes me beam with joy when I see my kids “get it right.”

Sunday I watched as two of my daughters took a “situation” they were a part of and turned it into a real blessing.  The problem with kids that are my kids ages is that they are broken like the rest of us.  They are discovering every day just how this world is broken and they are beginning to realize their contribution to the brokenness.  This week they have learned a great lesson in dealing with people–both how and how not to do that.

I watched one of my daughters this week apologize for words spoken in public and another forgive where forgiveness hasn’t even been asked for yet.  The result was apologies accepted, forgiveness given and relationships healed. 

Forgiveness sets us free.  Going through trials and temptations is really a purifying process.  I assure you that if you haven’t already discovered it yet, the process of purification is tough.  The results, though, are wonderful.  When God, the refiner, sees His reflection in the hearts of people, then and only then can true healing take place and the trial be over.  I’m glad to see my kids growing up in Jesus.  No they have not arrived.  They will make mistakes again and again, but at least for now, Satan has been defeated and Jesus won out in victory again.


4 responses to “Watching My Children Grow

  • Donna

    I think watching those spiritual steps may be even more gratifying than those first baby steps….fun as they were.

    Glad you are enjoying their journey with them.

  • Greg England

    Nothing gives a parent more pleasure than to see their children “get it” spiritually!

  • Meowmix

    Seems the older we get, sometimes the less supple our hearts are. Grudges and hurts hold on longer, and that’s a pity. I am thankful for the tenderness of your kids’ hearts. What a great example!

  • cwinwc

    God bless your kiddos for knowing and doing something that many “Christian adults” know but refuse to practice.

    Still coming in June?

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