In Birmingham

We made the trip to Birmingham yesterday without any problems.  It’s amazing still to me how fast we can travel around these days.  I remember when taking a trip to Birmingham seemed like days.  It now only seems like minutes.

We spent the night in a small hotel attached to the hospital.  It was a small, but quaint little place.  We are at the St. Vincent’s Hospital.  Doctor Andrews is her doctor.  I don’t know his first name, but one doesn’t have to know it to know him.  He is one of the top most sought after orthopedic doctors in the nation if not the world.  he has operated on hundreds of very famous people–mostly sports related folks.  He has autographed pictures and jerseys from lots of people.  I saw a picture of John Smoltz from the Atlanta Braves, Andy Pettit from the Yankees and Astros, and a jersey from Donovan McNabb–all signed by the players with notes of thanks to Dr. Andrews.  I’d say that mom is in good hands.

Mom is having, as I write this, an arthroscope on her right knee to repair a torn meniscus.  She actually injured it on Thanksgiving Day this past November.  She has tried since to avoid surgery and let it heal on its own.  That has not worked.  Please pray for mom that she have a speedy recovery. Mom has had two other surgeries in her life that were supposed to be a breeze and they were not.  I pray this one is.

UPDATE:  Just as I ended this blog, mom has completed the surgery sucessfully.  We haven’t talked to the doctor yet, but the nurse said everything went well and they removed the torn meniscus.  She is now in recovery.  Praise God!!


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