Great Day At Creekside!!

I can’t tell you what an exciting day we had at Creekside yesterday.  It started with a wonderful praise team practice.  We added a new alto singer to one of our two groups yesterday.  Her name is Jean and we welcome her to the group.  We added Paul to our bass singers as well.  He came on board a couple of weeks ago.  Now we just need a couple of good tenors and we’re set.  But I digress. 

The singing was awesome yesterday.  We sang a song that has become one of my favorites over the past several years called “The Greatest Commands.”  The theme of the the day was “3:16.”  Mas Lucado encouraged all of us to make the most of the date on the calendar–3rd month, 16th day.  We focused on John 3:16 and the love God has for us in sending Jesus.  I wonder how many people followed suit.  It was awesome.

We finished out our day yesterday with a meeting with the shepherds to discuss the state of the congregation and the future plans for our family.  It was a great meeting time.  The teens even met with us.  In all of my days in ministry, I’ve never been to that kind of meeting where the teens were invited.  I know that they were probably bored out of their minds, but they were included.  That says a lot for our shepherds.  We discussed many things that pertained to our church family and we dismissed encouraged to get more involved.

Right now at Creekside things are looking so bright for our future.  People are coming seeking a relationship with Jesus.  More and more I hear people grow tied of “religion” and all of its trappings.  It sure is fun to see people come and be set free from that.  Everyone who has been to Creekside any length of time knows that we are striving to do three things–Love God, Love Others, and Serve.  Anyone who’s been there any length of time knows that we are nowhere near where we want to be, but God is blessing us.  We have our faults for sure, but right now things are peaceful and we live in the unity of the Spirit.  It’s a good place to be.

Ellen and I are so excited to welcome some of the new people who have come our way, while our hearts are burdened as some have chosen to move on to other places.  Nevertheless, we are excited to see that we can overcome, through love and forgiveness, even the hardest of times.  That’s one way that the “gates of hell cannot prevail against” the church–through love and forgiveness.  That sounds so easy on paper, but it truly is the blessed life to live.  Forgiveness sets us free and it has set us free.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings here.  I love you all blog family.  Thanks too for your encouraging comments and even those occasional ones that keep me on my toes.  I need all of you.

UPDATE:  Pray for mom.  She is still in lots of pain.  She goes to therapy today.  I pray that her pain subsides soon so that she can start rehabbing in a big way.


4 responses to “Great Day At Creekside!!

  • alharley

    It is exciting to be at Creekside right now. Lets not forget, the devil is not happy to see us growing!

  • Meowmix

    Your excitement is infectious! Glad things are going so well.

    Will certainly pray for your mom.

    I’ve had your cousin on my mind for a couple of days. How is he doing on his journey?

  • Keith Davis

    Judy, Thanks for asking about Trent. He is doing just fine right now. Like “alharley” said, Satan is always lurking and has attacked Trent in several ways. He has done well thus far. He is working a lot right now so pray for him in that. He also has meetings he has been ordered to attend so I pray that his world doesn’t become too stressful. Thanks for you prayers for him and keep it up.

    Thank you alharley for your warning about Satan. I just pray that the peace continue and that God protects us from the evil one.

  • cwinwc

    We’re kindred spirits in many ways my brother. Praying for Mom.
    Hope we can hook up in June.

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